For Aimee

Your tenderness matches mine
Your scars match mine
Your pain, your darkness
Your love

I have come to bring you joy
When I have little of my own except you
I give you laughter
It is so hard for me to laugh
Without thinking of you

You must be strong enough to face my darkness
And love me enough to lead me from it
Not abandon me to it
We can heal each other
Or fall into the abyss together

To degrade you would be to abase myself
By helping me lift you
It will ennoble us both
And we will be healed, as one

I would not have you love me out of duty
Nor not obey me out of need or training
Hold my heart gently, as I hold yours
My life will no longer be my own
For there is no other, just "us"

But now, waiting, I am afraid...
Weeping, huddled by myself,
How is there a place for joy?
Because that room is prepared for you
Although it has been long empty

We will emerge from the Witch's oven
Reborn, remade, in love, together
Like mated phoenixes rising together from the pyre
The flaming passion within the gentlest of caresses
Maybe I'll just stay here with you in the fire
For there is no place else for us
The world is not ready for us
And I am not sure we are for it

You touched the shards of glass within my soul
But it was my hand that came away bloody
I will gather up all these sharp, shiny things
And put them in a Bottle, bury it
To protect us both.

Zaivalananda - written 6/24/2004
©2004 by Gerald L. "Moss" Bliss

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