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Back to School

I have decided to see if I can push my body into doing more work as a substitute teacher in the local schools this year. I have completed my application and been accepted, and completed my training modules. Let’s see if I can get more than a few weeks in.

This is besides still doing 3 podcasts — one weekly, one on alternate weeks with weekly meetings, and the third more or less monthly.

Might be biting off more than I can chew again…

New Car of Mystery

We have replaced the Hyundai. In fact, we sold the Hyundai to the dealer who sold us the new car, paid off the loan, and had a couple hundred to spare.

The new car is a 2011 Chevy Cruze. Black. In better shape than you could expect a 2011 car to be. But…

We are the 8th owner. Yes, the 7th owner was just an auction house, presumably it was traded in on a new car. But 6 owners in 11 years?

We have discovered, reading the Carfax report, that one shop in Knoxville had serviced it 5 times, for 2 different owners. We will be going there tomorrow to check them out and see if anyone there knows anything.

We also found a service record in the glove box which had not been reported to Carfax. So I did just that. I’ve had an open account at for several years.

Is this Cruze going to be the answer to our prayers, or just another disappointment? We will have more information tomorrow.



Always behind

A lot has been happening here. The relationship is up and down but mostly up. The new car we bought about 8 months ago is garbage, having shredded its timing belt thus rendering the engine kaput. I played a concert at a convention in Charleston, SC last weekend. I have another scheduled online for September. It looks as if we won’t have enough money to attend Chambanacon in November, nor will we have the down payment money saved for land or a house. It’s bad enough getting kicked when you’re down, but getting kicked harder when you’re finally able to get up is no more fun.

We continue to have zero friends visiting, except for a friendly trucker who comes through every few months. We have nobody to drop in on, either.

Life goes on. I still don’t think I could go back to teaching even 2 days a week. But I may have to try.


Oops I Forgot

I haven’t thought about this blog for a long time now. There is nothing monumental happening, but I’m still having trouble keeping going day to day. Not particularly depressed, but I just don’t have much energy, and going out and doing ANYTHING, just the driving alone takes too much out of me.

I’m still doing my three podcasts. One is weekly, by myself, and results in a <10 minute newscast; one is monthly-or-thereabouts, now with three other hosts, and usually comes in under 1 hour and 15 minutes; and the third we have weekly meetings. Anywhere from two to six of us, with a rotating cast depending on availability, meet weekly, do an open cast on one of every two Saturday meetings but don’t record it, and record a show every other Sunday which gets split into two podcasts released weekly. Yeah, I’m confused too. But I keep busy in a sense.

We got our second car all fixed up. Cost us a lot of money, only a small amount of which was covered by insurance. But we have two good cars now.

We still haven’t been able to SAVE anything to speak of. And with mortgage rates zooming to the sky, even when we DO have enough saved for a down payment on a house or property, we won’t be able to afford the mortgage. But we keep hoping.

Socially and religiously, we are at zero. Virtually nobody calls us except for one cousin, although there are still a few people who are happy to hear from us when we call them. I get feeling really isolated, even lonely. Nobody to practice anything with.

I do have a concert coming up next month in Charleston, South Carolina. We are also taking an extra day so Suzanne can see the ocean while we’re there, instead of spending the whole weekend stuck inside the convention hotel. If you feel like calling, please do… although mornings are probably not good.


We Did It!

We finally made it. We are out of debt. Well, our old debt is paid; we have a current loan on a car and one credit card with a balance, but that will all go away by sometime in May. We couldn’t have done it without Mom…passing away last January. It has been a really tough year because of that, but our coming years will probably be better.


It was a good year, it was a bad year

This year came in with my mother’s passing and Joe Biden getting inaugurated. There has been a lot of stuff going on. I resigned as co-host of mintCast, and picked up as solo host of Full Circle Weekly News. There has been a lot of tension and depression and crying …

And I have written 5 lyrics this year, 2 of them to original tunes. I know some people who can do that in a day or a week as a regular thing, but 1998 was the last year that I wrote more than one or two songs — In 1998 I wrote 16 songs, all or most of them to original music. I don’t remember a better year before that, and this has been the best year since then.

If you’d like to check out the lyrics of what I’ve done this year, the originals are “The Angels Never Came” and “Incomplete”, and the parodies were “Lucky Cat”, “Back In the Con Suite Again”, and the just-completed “Free Callin'”. I still have more than a month to go, wonder if I can make it six…

I also got to go to Larry Kirby’s in August and play for/with some of my friends, whom I haven’t seen for well over a year. One person brought a theramin, and I got to debut “Lucky Cat” with it sounding so much like the original it was awesome. There may be a recording of that, but probably not good fidelity.

In other news, we got Suzanne a better car, a 2013 Hyundai Accent Hatchback, and sold the old Chevy Cobalt. I am wanting to sell my Mazda 2 and get another Accent, but nobody wants to buy a stick shift out here. We still are living at the same place after over 5 years. I hardly ever play anymore except on EuroFilk Zoom meetings. And I also upgraded Suzanne’s computer, from a ThinkPad T430 to a T560.

We will be going to visit my cousin Linda and her wife Sara next month in SW Missouri. I haven’t seen her since we were kids, her much smaller than me, but of all my family she is the one who has kept in touch the most other than Mom.


Been a while…

Things are going great, things are going badly. I’m better than ever, weaker than ever, can’t work, and cry a lot. I have 56 months of distribution left of my mother’s estate, and still can’t manage to get ahead, but some things are improving. I have rarely played any music, but have written a couple new songs. And I’m keeping up on my podcast assignments, although I have one on my desk to get done. If you have questions, call or write me. @bardictriad on Twitter…

Catching up

I guess it has been a while since I last posted.

I have learned that it takes too much out of me to work as a substitute teacher. One day of work, which feels great while I’m doing it and I love the kids, means 3 days of recuperation. I’m going to have to let the job go.

We’re still waiting for the debt to finish going away. Three more months at the most. Got another payday in a few days.

I haven’t been doing so well in my investments to date, although they may work out in the long term. The good news is I’m only doing small amounts, and the bad news is, even if I strike it big with each stock, I only did small amounts.

I haven’t had the energy or, sometimes, time to do any performing lately. I really wanted to two days last week and had something come up to keep me from doing so. My health has been close to poor, with a lot more pain than before. I’m still getting up and taking care of myself, but it’s not easy. I need to get a storage place and start moving stuff out of the trailer so we can clean more easily, and it will be easier to move with most of the stuff in storage already.

Otherwise, not much going on. I’m still doing two podcasts – one weekly, one approximately every 4-5 weeks – and getting good responses from various people about them. The new teeth are helping a little, although they are far from perfect.

Guess that will do for now.


R.I.P. Paula Caplan

I just learned that my friend Paula Caplan passed away a week ago. She befriended me well over a decade ago and I worked with her on her activism in mental health diagnosis and care. I will miss her. I have not been in touch much since I deleted my Facebook account, where I used to manage a group for her. We shared many beliefs, spiritually and mundanely, and it was a pleasure to be associated with her.

Or Not Moving There, Or Wait…

The prospect of a move is fading away from us but we are keeping our options open. No money yet from the trust, but it should happen in the next week or so. Hope so, or we will have trouble getting through this month.

I have managed to write a couple more songs lately. Actually three this year, which puts it up there among my best years “not 1998”. I performed “Incomplete” for the first time at Eurofilk yesterday, and Gary McGath called is a “powerful song” and Karl Johan Noren was quite taken with it and thanked me for attending. I probably have another Eurofilk in me before school starts up again.