Sorry it has been a while.  I’ve been (a) sick with the flu, (b) lost in the love of my Kayla, (c) attending the SerpentStone Family Gathering this past weekend (yes, still sick), and (d) fighting with my ancient computer.  Still don’t have the new one working, and can’t even get an response from AMD on getting the processor replaced.

Kayla and I are just wonderful together.  Neither of us could have expected this, but it exceeds my dreams.  We will be getting handfasted on November 6 at SerpentStone Circle, we hope to have a lot of friends there but it will be all right either way.  We are skipping the legal ceremony this year, but will take care of that at the renewal next year.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this woman, she means everything to me.

I’d better quit now before I get too sappy.  If any of y’all can come to the handfasting, please do.


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  1. Irishlass

    Congratulations on the Handfasting!!!  I’m so happy for you!!!! 

  2. Anonymous

    Will be there in heart and thoughts.  Glad to know that you’re feeling better. 
    And, so you know what its like – most folks with bipolar and other MI’s do.  It is so ridiculous!  I mean their medical journals are full of language that describes it as a lifelong debilitating illness – not to mention that it has a 20% mortality rate but whenever it comes to a pay out, they say NOT DISABLED.  You know what that is, right?  See, once it becomes very established that we are disabled, then the laws of ADA protect us from the wide range of liberites that the psychiatric community still enjoys at our expense.  Nobody gets as profoundly violated as people with mental illness.  I attribute it to the deeply-rooted biases handed down from Christianity that categorized our tribe as “possessed by the devil”. 
    Hey listen, have you ever been to The Icarus Project?  It’s very great – check it out if you haven’t already been there, here’s the link:
    Also, a friend of mine turned me on yesterday to a Native American site that has an online radio station with a very eclectic selection of Native American music that plays 24/7 – it’s nice, man.
    Check you later, friend

  3. Anonymous

    yay!happy for ya!hope the ceremony goes great!


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