I’m soooooo happy!!!!!!  Kayla has agreed to handfast me in a religious (not civil) ceremony on November 6th. SapphireSkye and Lord RavenWind will be performing the ceremony. We will renew our vows in November 2005 and make it a civil (legal) ceremony at that time if things are still the same.



I would like to offer many thanks to those women who have dumped me, especially recently. This woman is everything I want and more.


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  1. euphoricblues


  2. euphoricblues

    oops…  my comment disappeared! 
    [ by-the-way, this is me – Tootie LiverSprinkles writing from my bipolar blog: euphoricblues …so you know.]
    I wanted to say, how happy I am for you.  You seem so happy and you seem like someone who deserves to be.  Your Kayla looks like she has herself a beautiful soul – she’s lovely.  Infinite Blessings to you both and upon your union. 

  3. Anonymous

    Oh – I just read your comment.  I didn’t know about the alternative yahoo group.  I am going to go check it out, in just a bit.  I’ll also link your site and the group later this evening or at least before the week is out!  🙂  I love your site by the way.  I am still going through it.  I also began exploring the samkhyawicca site, too – very interesting!  And your right – it seems like we should have met long ago.  …Actually, maybe we have!  =]  Later…

  4. rudrananda

    Congratulations. I know you are very happy. I hope you stay that way, and the love just gets DEEPER over time.Beth


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