Another day closer to starting my new life.  I’ve talked with Kayla on the phone, and will be talking to her again in about an hour.  This is really good, she really does love me, and I know how I feel about her… like y’all haven’t figured it out yet.

I have to get through this weekend.  Fortunately, there is a local science fiction and gaming convention, to which I have been invited as a special musical guest, that runs all weekend.  Might take my mind off worrying about things.  Then Monday… my sweetheart climbs on a bus and rolls her way to my arms.  Ah, Bliss.  No pun intended.

Nearly all of my friends are for this.  Nearly all of her friends are against it.  Some of them may not be friends any more, from the way they have talked about us.

I won’t have any problem with the in-laws (when they get to be that).  Her father has called me a stalker and threatened to call the police on me, and says I swore at him on the phone, and her brother has called me a rapist.  Neither person has bothered to try TALKING to me yet, it has all been shouting, curses, and threats.  I haven’t yelled back yet… but I wish they would let me talk and maybe give me a chance.  Like I told Kayla, how bad could I be; my last mother-in-law still calls me her son and writes often — six years after the divorce.  (Love you, Mom Parks!)

Ah well.  Lots of good things happening.  But the biggest will happen on Monday/Tuesday.

Lots of hugs,

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  1. Anonymous

    Glad to hear things are going well…=)


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