Kayla continues to move toward me and tell me she loves me.  She will be leaving in about 4 days.

Unless her family has something to say about it.  I have gotten an angry, threatening call and Yahoo Messenger messages from her brother, and the last time I called her her father said that if I called any more he would have me reported as a stalker.  Interesting take on the matter, not many stalkers get calls from the stalkee, especially loving ones, and I have not called their house except by direct invitation.  Her brother is telling her that I am a rapist.  I’m sure they’d love to keep her to themselves and mistreat her as they have been doing for the last 20 years.

I have done what I can.  I take responsibility for those actions.  It is up to Kayla now to have the strength and will to follow through.  I REALLY want this to happen, and know we can make it work.  Please, all my friends, pray for us.  The next few days will be the hardest.



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