Life is.

Everything is fine. Not completely boring, not entirely exciting, and not very stressful at all (except for financial, and I’ll get that worked out).

My new computer, a gift from my friend John Noggle (with an added hard drive and memory chips of my own), is running quite well, and I stayed miles away from Windoze (and MacOS). One or two little issues, and a large community of helpful people.

I had to skip Ostara, just did not have enough money for gas. That decision will pay off by the end of May, instead of leaving me another step down the well.

Work goes great. If anyone has (a) good people skills and high tolerances, (b) a good driving record and current license and insurance, and (c) no criminal record, you can get a job which pays better than McDonalds and, at times, appears to be no more than talking to someone and watching TV. There are times when you have to do cooking, laundry, or nursing type things… and the entry positions frequently include working double-shifts on weekends… but there is plenty of time to study for other things (one of my co-workers graduated as an LPN, another is working on his MLS, most of the studying being done on company time).

Any interest? Easy jobs at more than minimum wage? Funny that, can’t seem to get any interest. We always have openings, but the turnover is low (usually when someone graduates at something). The company has offices all over NC, some sites in TN, and one in GA… and there are dozens of other companies just like it, including at least one “competitor” here in Knoxville.


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  1. bgoldnyxnet

    What is this miracle job?

    1. zaivala

      I work as a “Direct Service Professional” for RHA Health Services. We do 24-hr care for IDD (intellectually and developmentally disabled) individuals. The house I work in has two gentlemen and we have 2 staff 7 am – 8 pm and 1 staff overnight. I work the short shift 3 pm – 8 pm M-F.


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