Weekend Wrap-up

I had a great time the end of last week. I had volunteered to help out with throwing a Samhain Festival inside a North Carolina State Prison (in Morganton). As it was a long drive, and as I used to live in Asheville which is only an hour from Morganton, I took off a couple days early and visited my friends in Asheville. I stayed with my old friend and former neighbor, John, and got to visit with Sky and my little sister, Aianna, for some time, as well as attend an Asheville Homeless Network meeting (an organization I helped to found and incorporated in Dec 2005).

The Festival itself was amazing. We only had 9 or 10 inmates, and about 11 of us plus the Chaplain, but these guys were really into this. It was highly enjoyable, and I came home with lots of gifts — books, drawings, even a pair of maracas and a tambourine. But it was the experience itself which made it worth it. Some of these kids (19-25) were within 90 days of release, others were in for life. But they were making the best of their situation. When we sang songs, which they had never heard before, they all were pitching in and for the most part hitting the notes (again, to songs they had never before heard). 

I look forward to doing more work in this area, probably closer to where I live. Lady Charissa says she does have letters from inmates in my area to follow up on.

More than ever, this was a weekend without my honey. That usually felt bad — in fact, from the time I entered the prison at 7 am until I got out at 8:30 pm, I could not even text her. This made it more imperative for me to drive home, although it might have been safer to spend the night at John’s in Asheville (and he offered). I really was glad to see her when I got home.  And everything was fine the next morning. For an hour or so. 

Honey is still looking for a place to move to. There are far too many situations where it gets into an argument, where my recovery and self-preservation are being strongly challenged and the result is that my honey thinks I’m a monster. Half the time I feel that way too. But we can work these things out, just have proven (over 8 months) that working things out in an ugly old tin box where we are crammed in together is not possible.

I’m still reading everyone’s blogs that I’m subscribed to. If I haven’t commented lately, it has been due to a lack of time, not a lack of interest. Look forward to it.




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