Back In WNC

I’m at my friend John’s house. The drive was uneventful other than being kinda tired, not enough sleep. Got there early enough that I had to wait almost 3 hours for the Asheville Homeless Network meeting. The meeting was very informative. I think they have their stuff together rather nicely, including having several committees which actually meet and a Board which actually does what they are supposed to do. Back when I was running it, I was still doing nearly all the work despite who had the title.

Went over to John’s after the meeting. I brought my stuff in, we had a couple beers, and then went out to dinner at Blue Sky Cafe. The food was very good. After that we went over to my little sister’s house and John struck up a relationship with her Great Pyrenees dog, a 175-pound monster I call “Carpet”.  Had a good visit, maybe a half hour or more. Aianna’s father, Roy, seemed to be in good health considering his age.  He’s too stubborn to die, and I like it that way.

We were going to go to a movie, but John forgot the coupon and we were both getting sleepy, so we came back to his apartment for beer, baseball, and sleep.

I’ve been talking and texting my sweetie all day. I hope she knows how much I love her.

Had to get an ethernet cable connected to get on the Internet — John has ordered a wireless router but it hasn’t arrived yet. The new toy (Zeki 7″ tablet) is working great — got the software installed and have also installed Gmail, Skype (have to get it logged in), and tried to get a Facebook app installed but the download didn’t complete by the time I had to shut it down and leave where I was getting signal.

Tomorrow I’ll drop in on Sky at least… nobody else I’ve contacted has time or are otherwise available. That means I can spend most of my time with John.

Saturday, I’m off to the prison for the Festival. We have it all ironed out that the training prior to the Festival is at 7 am, so I have to leave John’s by 6 am. Yawn.




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  1. asunshine23

    I love my honey so very much I am glad he is having some “man” time in NC with John enjoying beer and sports. I hope you play the guitar well on Saturday. Tomorrow I have Boo at the Zoo and Sat and Sun too. I will be hopefully hearing about some housing opportunities here shortly. I do love my honey it is just that we have decided that we for now can not be living together we need to iron out some relationship issues that are easier to iron out when we are not on top of eachother so to speak. I had a very relaxing day but still got stuff done. More stuff to do tomorrow at least I got the garbage out.Hugs and blessed be.


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