Blogging everywhere

I’m losing track of where I have journalled what. I have been blogging a tiny amount on Facebook, from time to time on my Med Free Or Working On It group, have a blog on LiveJournal, post to so many other places, and have a daily journal (private) on OhLife. So if it looks like I haven’t posted anything lately, well, maybe I have and maybe I haven’t.

I have my appointment this morning to get my food stamps back and my TennCare. Have to run by the bank first, to try to get a copy of my cancelled rent check. Sunshine doesn’t know whether she is applying or not, staying or not… makes it really difficult for me to plan for next month.

But I’m more together on the rest of this week. Unless someone calls and offers me a job, I’ll be leaving for Asheville on Thursday morning, and hope to make it to an Asheville Homeless Network meeting as well as spend at least a few minutes with at least a few of my friends. I’ll be sleeping on John Noggle’s recliner… not the best but the price is right, and John is arranging for movies and meals through Groupons and stuff like that. Getting up super-early Saturday morning to get to Morganton by 7 am for the Festival.  Probably driving straight home after the Festival is over at 8 pm.

I couldn’t find my ritual robe. Had it at the last SerpentStone Gathering, should be here somewhere. Tore the place up looking for it. I’ll have to just wear a “period” tunic for the Festival. Darn.




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