Mixed Blessings

Lots of things happening, some good, some bad, some ???. 

Had a job interview yesterday. It would be the perfect job for me, or as close as could be… but they have lots of other applicants, and I’m sure some of them have better job records than I do. They wanted to sign me up as a client… but I’m 400 yards out of their legal area of practice (Knox County). Lots of good vibes going there. 

Honey got a job prospect in Morristown, which would be a LOT better for me than if she would move to Nashville or Murfreesboro like she wants to.

Got kicked out of a Meetup group that I really like. I got general reasons but nothing specific, so I can’t even modify my behavior. But the group in Sevierville made it entirely clear I am always welcome with them.

I also just noticed that February 2 will be my 30th anniversary of my Initiation into Wicca. I’m sure that makes some people feel good, others not so much. But all the people who have rejected me, none of them have been Goddess Herself.

Also not sure I did the right thing — my alcoholic neighbor asked me to take him to the local beer store, and I did. His wife has talked about him being an alcoholic, but usually just dismisses it when he’s drunk, so it’s probably no skin off her nose.

I’m not going to make it without a fair bit of money — I need less money than a 20-hour-week job would provide on top of my SSDI check, but hundreds more than my Disability check gives me. Nice that I’m that close, a lot of people have it worse.

Good to hear from Moonlit Lass. I love to hear from her as much or more than anyone else on the Net whom I have not personally met.




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