Had a miserable day yesterday. Honey was home all day and I felt like crap. Did my best to take care of her. Needed to get those job applications in the email.

Honey went to a meetup (all women, so without me), and, amazingly, I found enough energy to get all the scanning and sending and typing of things. Didn’t feel great, but found enough to get stuff done. Honey was gong at least two hours longer than I expected her to be gone.

Honey came home and things fell apart. Started a fight with me right off, cutting me into pieces, and then demanded I pick up those pieces and take care of her sexually. Needless to say, that proved to not be possible. In the end, she left. I don’t know where she stayed, but it wasn’t here.

Yeah, that makes me feel good. Oh well, made a pot of coffee. Gotta carry on.




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