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Hullo from the other side of the Pond. Mordewis ap Llys here, but you can call me Moss. (Ignoring my Welsh name, I am a Daniels by my maternal grandfather.) I am here by Ian's generous invitation to talk about life, the Universe, and Everything, but more specifically Wicca.

I have been a Witch in the Gardnerian Tradition (or at least one of the myriad of American forms of it) for about 20 years now. My elders and teachers have cleared my Book of Shadows for publication (I'm *not* Lady Sheba), and you can find it on my webpage, which is referenced below. This covers the introductory stuph right up to, but not including, the First Degree Ritual, and of course cannot include the things you have to do in a group setting.

I assume I am going to be allowed to talk about life, mine and yours, as well, since Wicca is hardly a religion that exists outside of your daily affairs. (And if I'm having any daily affairs, I'm not talking...) So in addition to the knowledge (and perhaps even wisdom) I have gained as a Witch, I am also a Filker. What this means in general is that I am one of those dastardly people who take helpless tunes that were lying around minding their own business and then I write my own lyrics to them. Sometimes the result is hysterical, intended or no. Frequently the content is along the lines of Science Fiction or Fantasy. Under my alter-ego of Harry Smothers, I have made ghastly ripples throughout the SF world. You can hear some of my music, mostly original ones, on my website as well; details will again be given further down the page.

Actually, you may do a search to find things I have done in both fields at an earlier time under my nom de plume of J. Random Folksinger. This predates Harry Smothers as a pseudonym, and you can find both filk songs and commentary on the Laws and practices of Wicca under that name.

So we begin our journey together. I hope to be updating this page early and often, so please stay tuned.

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The above article is copyright ©2000, 2004 by Mordewis ap Llys and Gerald L. "Moss" Bliss, who are the same person.