My Spiritual Journey

I was raised in the United Presbyterian Church, and was Confirmed in 1965 as a member of Covenant United Presbyterian Church in Norwalk CA. I also attended my grandmother's Methodist church when spending my weekends with Grandma and Grandpa, and at about 15 I started wanting to attend other churches to see how they did things.

In 1970, while at college in Sterling KS, I first was bored by the local Presbyterian church. I attended the nearby Evangelical Mennonite church some, which was the most popular church with the college students. I directed the choir for a short while at the local American Baptist church. Then I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hutchison, KS. I was ordained into the Aaronic (Lower) Priesthood (Deacon, Teacher, then Priest) while in Kansas. I moved to New Jersey in 1972 and was ordained to the Melchizidek (Higher) Priesthood as an Elder prior to my moving to Denver CO in 1973. (Excommunicated 1989?)

After 1974, I either did not attend church or attended either Holy Redeemer Episcopal church (while married to Tana) or, later, St. Thomas Episcopal church.

During 1978, I studied and then joined the Baha'i Faith. During part of 1980 I served on the Grand Junction CO Spiritual Assembly, and was elected Vice Chair. (I am still considered a Baha'i, but do not have my Administrative Rights.)

In 1981 I discovered Discordianism ("Other religions are a bad joke masquerading as real religion; Discordianism is a real religion masquerading as a bad joke."), and then (at MileHiCon, October 1981) met the lady who was going to become my teacher of Wicca. I was Initiated as a First Degree Wiccan on February 2, 1983. I delayed my Second Degree a year longer than usual, and then my teacher and I separated, which put it off yet another year (1986), but it was finally performed by Lord Falkhan and his Lady. After several more changes in teachers, I received my Third Degree (highest in my Tradition) in 1997 from Lady Phoenix Rizing (Lexington County SC).

In 2003, I renewed my interest in Hinduism, specifically Shaivism, with the help of my ex-wife Beth. Then in 2005 I met online with Sri Virendra Qazi, a teacher of Kashmir Shaivism, and he stated his desire to Initiate me as a Hindu, presumably sometime between September 2005 and Summer 2006. This did not happen, and I have since been talking with other teachers. My friend, S. Lakshmi Narayanan, a Saivan from Chennai, is helping me some, but it is his contention that my True Teacher is Dakshinamurthy (i.e., Siva himself). I have been donating toward the renovation of some small, rural Siva temples in Tamil Nadu state, some over 500 years old; before-and-after images of one of them can be seen here and another one here.

While this is a shift in emphasis away from Wicca, it is not incompatible with Wicca. I have taught classes in Hinduism and merging Hinduism with Wicca at SerpentStone Festivals in addition to owning a forum on the subject of Saiva and Samkhya Wicca at Livewire Forums (now defunct). I am not yet comfortable with Hindu ritual practices, but incorporate the Hindu faces of Deity into my Wiccan rituals. It has been stated by both Sri Virendra Qazi and S. Lakshmi Narayanan that it is not necessary to become an Indian to be a Hindu; that Lord Siva is universal. I hold fast to that concept.

I have a complete one-hour workshop on paper, "Hinduism 101 for Pagans"; email me and I'd be happy to send you the files. For information on my general philosophy, held since at least 1981 but refined since then, click on "My Philosophy" on the menu.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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