Chicken Breast
by Harry Smothers
(Tune: "Second Best" by Marian Weissman)

My size in school was good, you know I always got some praise
But I wasn't always lucky, I started picking up bad ways
I hung out at the Arby's, I never made it out the door
That wasn't really like me, though, just to eat until I'm poor

It's hard to be a star that's shining bright
When you think the competition is too thin for you to fight

I've had a lot of loves in life before, but I only wanted food
It got to be my number one, now my belly's showing through
I went to see a show tonight, couldn't fit into a chair
The audience kept kicking me, 'cause I was seated on the stair

I stole the show, for they hardly watched the flick
But I left one thing behind tonight; this attention makes me sick

Written 1996 (7/3 first draft) by Gerald L. Bliss.

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