Fragments From My Workbench

My Bonnie writes programs in BASIC,
My Bonnie writes programs in C,
My Bonnie writes programs in ALGOL --
Please bring back my Bonnie to me.

Little hobbit walking down the road
Little hobbit, such a heavy load
Little hobbit
Are you ring-bound, just like me?

Little hobbit trav'lin' with some friends
Little hobbit, feet that have split ends
Little hobbit -- pass it over if you please

I don't wanna play Trek
It doesn't look like fun
I've seen Riker, and Chekhov
And if that's the way it's done,
I don't wanna play Trek
That's where I draw the line
'Cause when we play Trek
You make me Deep Space Nine.

The following verse is intended to be sung (by a male) prior to the last verse of Claire Maier's "Quite Enough" (tune: Velveteen):

I saw a lovely lady who could really sing and write
Her face is haunting, and her neck is one I'd love to bite;
When she sang "Road Kill Cafe", well, I almost groaned to God;
Her "California Love Song" made me want to check the bod.
But when she came out with "Filk Vampire", I knew she'd done me wrong.
For the truth is, plain and simple, I'm a sucker for a song.

copyright © 1994 by Gerald Bliss

Written while driving to MisConception 5, 3-5-94.

Spammish Lies
Harry Smothers
(tune "Spanish Eyes" by ?)

Ooh, spammish lies
Promise "Make.Money.Fast", buy cheap CDs
Your spammish lies
Stinking up all my newsgroups like bad cheese


Please, let me be
Keep you and your spammish lies away from me

...and a new one... (Oct 2005)

(tune: Hello, Goodbye by Lennon/McCartney)

Aloe, aloe
I don't know why you say "cacti"
I say aloe...

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