Learn HTML

There are certain things you need to know or to do to create a website.

1. You need to register a domain name. Without a domain name (like mywebsite.com), your website does not exist; without it being registered, it will be invisible to the Internet and all your traffic. The cheapest place at present to register one is GoDaddy.com. Typical charges range from $10 to $75 per year, depending on whatever the company that sells it to you wants to charge. If you buy this from MysticDreaming.net (below), charges start around $12 per year.

2. You need a webhost. This is a server holding your website code, which you pay for in exchange for storing your code. The webhost I recommend has prices from $59.40 per year; most others are considerably higher). A good webhost gives you (or your website developer) access to hundreds of tools, including webcounters, forum software, email, etc.

3. You need the code itself. This includes text and graphics along with HTML code to allow your site to be read by all browsers. You can hire someone to do this for you, at a wide variety of cost, or keep reading.

Here are the tools I use and recommend:

Of course, you have to USE the programs and READ the book before it does any good.


You need a webspace. Probably the cheapest place to get this is GoDaddy. You can use this site to get a Domain Name and/or for hosting your website. There are a lot of other website hosts, but this is likely the cheapest domain name site.


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