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I'm to be found in various places on the Internet, on different topics. My personal blog is to be found at Peaceful Hippo (this site), and I also have blogs at Dreamwidth (music and creativity) and (Linux and computers). I also maintain Triad Bardic College's website and have a site about Linux and open source software and computer hardware at It's MOSS.

I'm also featured on three podcasts, mintCast (October 2019 through March 2021), Distrohoppers' Digest (with associated blogs), and Full Circle Weekly News, a weekly news show under 10 minutes.

My music can be found on my YouTube channel, Robert Warren's YouTube channel, and on Bandcamp. Lyrics and poetry I've written can be found on this site.

The information below this point is obsolete. I'm leaving it in to show what I used to be doing. Defunct websites and things listed below may be findable in the Wayback Machine at

I am a community activist and musician in Blaine, TN, and formerly served as President of the Asheville Homeless Network, as a co-founder of Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective, and have many other local and online activities. I am employed by myself as an Uber driver around Knoxville, usually working Wed-Sat evening and late night. I would like to help others teach about their projects using your own website, or learn how to write their own. I also write a variety of articles, including having formerly been a monthly columnist for PaganPages for over 3 years, and now write several articles for Peppermint and Sage e-zine.

My current websites include:

    Hippo Haven - This website and my personal website
    Blind Lemming Chiffon
    My main poetry site has just been closed (May 2016) by the site owner, but all poetry is included on this website.

    Besides these, I have managed and written several other websites, some of which still exist in some form.

Other activities:

    Real Life Activities:
    Peer Support Specialist and Direct Support Professional, active in mental health and substance abuse January 2009 - 2016 and developmentally disabled individuals from May 2013 to April 2016.
    Founder and President, Asheville Homeless Network, 2005-2010.
    Minister, multi-denominational (6 licenses, 4 D.D.s - see below)
    Computer repair help
    Writer, Poet, Songwriter, and Performer since 1964
    Over 40 lyrics published in Xenofilkia magazine (most current Jan 2009)
    Occasional Special Guest at science fiction conventions as songwriter/performer since 1990

    MindFreedom International
    The Witches' Voice, Inc. - Sponsor
    Industrial Workers of the World, Department 600 (Public Service and Entertainers) (currently inactive)
    many others, some listed below

    Ordinations & Certificates:
    Progressive Universal Life Church (1995, awarded Sainthood 1995, Doctorate of Divinity 2008)
    Universal Life Church (1996, awarded Sainthood and Doctorate of Divinity 2000)
    Temple of Wicca (2003, awarded Doctorate of Divinity 2003) [organization inactive?]
    Orderae Occultis (2004) [organization inactive?]
    Pathways Sanctuary (2006, awarded Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate of Divinity, Premiere, 2006) [organization inactive]
    Church of Spiritual Humanism (2011) Diploma in PC Repair, PCDI, November 2000
    Certificate in Peer Support Employment Training, January 2009, renewed 2012

    and probably many others...

    owner ALT-therapies4bipolar
    owner YeOldePagans

    Administrator of Pagan Place at
    Owner, Med Free Or Working On It (

    Moderator, Stop Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm Facebook group

    Known Personal Email addresses:

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