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Phydeaux Speaks translated by Bob Rutledge
August 2001

Well, Americans, I hope you are proud of yourselves. The (somehow) elected President, Mr. Dubya, has decided that the interests of American businesses are more important than the health of American people. That is the only conclusion that I can draw from his decision to withdraw from the Kyoto environmental agreement.

This is not at all surprising, considering that he views himself as Chief Executive Officer of the United States. I find that odd as well, since the ballot I used listed candidates for President of the United States of America, not CEO of USA, Inc.. This is also not surprising, when viewed alongside his other administration appointments and decisions. The Administration Energy policy was developed by the oil industry. Cabinet members whose sphere of influence is the environment have deep and long ties to the same sector of business.

The Administration's statement's concerning power shortages in the West spoke only of building more power plants, not of responsible energy use. I find it unconscionable and incredibly stupid that the withdrawal from the Kyoto Accord was made, "because it would be harmful to American business interests." Is the definition of America business or people? How can you Americans allow this man to baldfacedly lie?!

Yes, the agreement would be detrimental to business - BECAUSE BUSINESS CARES NOT A WHIT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, OR CONTINUED LIFE ON EARTH, BUT ONLY ABOUT PROFIT!!!! Is the president (and I refuse to show respect by capitalizing the title) answerable to the People or not?

As far as I am concerned, this is an impeachable offense -a total disregard for the citizens of this country, and a complete kowtow to the gods of industry. Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning furiously in his grave (if you don't know what I'm referring to here, look up his anti-business stance in a history book). The Supreme Court elected president has insisted on denying a large (and growing) body of evidence concerning the effect that pollution is having on the world. The United States is the number one polluter of the environment on the entire planet, and his response is to build more power plants! What the Hell?!?!?

As my last article said, maybe the government is in possession of evidence that verifies the Mayan belief that the world will "end" in about ten years. If that is true, they should be doing everything in their power to cut back on the damage we are doing to the planet, not accelerate the process. They should be acting as stewards, not rapists. They should be... ah, hell, they don't care, and as the "elected" leadership, they can do whatever the hell they want.

Last week, China and Russia signed an agreement aimed at reducing American power over the rest of the planet. While I agree that the Chinese aren't angels, and that the Russians inherited all of the problems of the fallen Soviet Union, I do agree that America has failed as a worldwide power. As recent Administration decisions show, AS SUPPORTED BY THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, by accepting this world-destroying idiot as president, we care nothing for the planet. We all bow down to the Great God - $$$$. If any of you care at all about what's going to happen down the road, if any of you with children want them to be able to play outside without SPF 2000 sunblock and breathing equipment, if any of you are concerned about the continuation of humanity - PLEASE write to your elected officials, from dog-catcher all the way to president, and ask - no, DEMAND! - that a more responsible attitude be adopted!

And do me the favor of suiting your actions to words and turn off a light if it's not needed, cut down on unnecessary driving, and try opening the windows instead of running your AC at full. Humanity survived until about sixty years ago without AC - it won't kill you, and it may save us all later on.


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