Time to talk to myself again…  Well, my therapist cancelled my appointment, second time in 2 weeks.  He called in sick this time, last time was an emergency at the office.  Seems like I’m going to have to wait to talk to him about my plans to discontinue my medication in favor of Serenity.

One of my Personal Ads got a response from an English woman living in Myrtle Beach SC, as though I needed an excuse to go to the beach!  Could be interesting!  I’m still talking with Amanda (in AL) and keeping my options open.  It is very hard for me to live without companionship, and I’ve been doing it most of the five years I’ve been living in Asheville.

I had to go to the Emergency Room at St Joseph’s Hospital a few hours ago.  Managed to spray some Super Glue into my right eye.  I did everything right (except for spraying it in my eye in the first place) and seem to be ok for now.  They gave me an antibiotic ointment, mostly for the ointment.

I’m going to my first local AARP meeting in a few hours.  Hope to have enough caffeine in my system to be able to cope.  Two nights out of three with no sleep, this is a record.  My therapist believes it is a sign of mania, but I’ve been mostly depressed lately.  I’m trying to pay as little as possible attention to the ongoing investigation into the space shuttle Columbia, so I can keep my mind off of it.

Last night was our monthly Pagans’ Night Out at Jack of the Wood Pub.  I got there late, and just had a few glasses of Diet Coke.  I would have liked a beer or two, but just didn’t feel up to it.  We had a smaller than usual crowd.  It was good seeing everyone.

I guess that’s it for today.  Maybe I’ll write more later on, like after the meeting.  Blessings on you all!

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