Today was a day off for my neighbor, John, and as usual he took me out to breakfast (5:30 pm) and a movie, with drinks afterward.  We went to East Buffet, because he likes the sushi there.  It was kinda heavy for an early meal, but I can’t complain, John pays for all these outings.  I’m his only friend, and he knows that he can’t be totally solitary.

We went to see that how to lose your boyfriend in 10 days, whatever the title was.  When we got there, John tried to give the ticket taker his frequent-eater card from East Buffet instead of his ticket, they’re about the same size.  The movie was hysterical, but I gotta lose some pounds — the seat I was sitting in broke toward the end of the movie, almost dumping me on the ground.  I suppose if the movie were boring it might not have broken…

So now I’m blogging again before going online to chat with my friends.  I have a new online sweetie-prospect, an Englishwoman who lives in Myrtle Beach SC and feels totally out of place there (who wouldn’t?).  I’m looking forward to talking with someone who can write and speak the language, it’s pretty rare around here… LOL

Well, that’s about it for now.  Talk to me later!


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