Well, here I am in beautiful Asheville, NC… and I got an invitation to join the Kentucky Pagan Alliance!  It was from a very sweet lady, I at least have to check it out and will probably go to their Festival if I can at all.

I got my dead hard drive back from the guy who tried to restore it.  He was about 50% successful.  I got a lot of files back, but lost a lot of important ones.  I got the URI spreadsheet back though, and from that I can reconstruct all their mailing files.  Wish I could have gotten my Disk of Shadows files back…  He charged me $46, which was considerably less than the quotes I got online.  I could probably reformat the drive and use it again, but I don’t know why I should, when I’ve already ordered a new drive.

I’m trying to get over Glitter.  Whether she meant to or not, she has used me badly.  I may not see some of the things I’ve loaned her and the kids again, and I will likely never see another cent of what I loaned her.  But I have to stop being used, and have to look elsewhere for affection.

In that area, I have been talking to Amanda.  The main problem with Amanda is that she lives in Alabama.  I am not going to make the mistake of moving there again, and she has bad memories of an ex here in WNC.  Almost every other woman I start talking to finally reveals that they are married, and I’m not going down that road again if I can help it.

I’m going to have to start getting ready to Initiate Sapphire Skye.  She has worked hard and deserves it.  She is still behind on the reading, but there will be plenty of time for the reading afterwards.  Got to get help for the ritual, and so forth.

I got another email from the Serenity people… seems they haven’t thought very hard about someone with my physical condition, and have to refer the idea to their doctors.  They said it might take several days to get back to me…  LOL that’s what they get for saying their product is totally harmless.

Larry talked me down $100 on the price of my old car, but still $400 isn’t bad.  I hope he comes up with the money soon, it would do wonders for my bank account.

Guess this is more of a ramble than the past two blogs.  Hope you learned something about me.  If you want to know something, just ask.


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