Well I believe I have met The Woman For Me, in capital letters.  She lives in southern Kentucky, and her name is Cindie.  Unlike most of the women I have been allowing myself to meet, she is older than I am, less than 3 years but older nonetheless.  She is a solitary Pagan, and lives with two of her adult children and their spouse/significant others, at least for the time being.  I just talked to her on the phone, and she sounds even better than I expected… online, we read each others’ minds to the point that it’s almost spooky; on the phone, we kinda just sat there and stared into each others’ eyes, which was strange since we couldn’t really see each other.  This shows real promise.

My ex-wife Laura and her mom sent me a really cute multi-colored hippo with a valentine’s heart for Valentine’s Day, he is sooooo cute!  She also e-mailed me pictures of her, she is getting so much thinner that she is starting to look like she did back in school.  I’m praying for you, Laura, like you asked.

Starting to get ready for Esbat, this Sunday at Luna Horsefeathers’ house.  Got to put some more holy water in the PortaPagan.  Need to send out a reminder to the coven.

Heard back from Irysa.  The poor creature still loves me… can’t blame her, I still love her.  Never had a chance of working.  We’re too different, and the age difference was the least of our problems.

Spent some time with Harry at WNCAP about doing some new things to the WNCAP website (http://main.nc.us/WNCAP), some of which will be easy but hard to maintain, some of which will be hard to do but no sweat to keep up.  Nothing in the middle, haha.

Well, I think my sweetie just logged back online, so I will go talk to her.  Please let me know if you’re reading this, and any comments you have.


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