Another day, another blog.

I picked up my friend Julie today.  Julie is one of my closest friends.  I took her to her bank, to pay her phone bill, to pay her cable bill, we went to eat at Nick’s Subs and Sandwiches (we both had the Nickburger Combo, a cheesburger on a pita), and then I took her to the hospital to visit a sick friend and dropped her groceries at home.

I came home and showed my old Toyota to a guy in the apartment building, and agreed to sell it to him for $400.

Then it was time to go online and talk to my beloved Cindie.  I can’t tell you how much in love I am with this woman.  People say you can’t be in love with someone you haven’t met, but they’re wrong.  She is everything in the world to me.  Cindie will be coming for a visit weekend after next, and then we’ll REALLY see sparks fly!  Call it a belated Valentine’s Day.  I could talk to her for hours, some of it is discussion of things that matter to us, some of it is helping each other, some of it is just talking about what has hurt us in the past and we know won’t come between us.  On top of everything else, I know that this is one woman my parents even will be proud to call their daughter, which will probably be a first.  OK, so she’s a pagan like me; that hasn’t stopped them from loving me, shouldn’t be a problem here either.

I guess it’s time for bed.  I still haven’t gotten laundry done, and I need to pick Julie up from work tomorrow… don’t know if that means 5:30 or 7:30 pm yet, so I’d better get started early on the laundry…

Happy blogging!


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