Well, I’ve been letting my blog slide…  Last night was Circle with my coven.  Sapphire Skye and MoonDolphin showed up, we held Circle at Luna Horsefeathers’ house.  It was nice, even with all the mud.  Freezing rain.  Dark roads.  It was fun, but I’m still cleaning my shoes…

I’m getting excited, my Cindie is coming for a visit on Thursday!!!!!  I’ve been trying to get the place straightened up a bit.  ohboyohboyohboy

I haven’t heard from my folks since they called me from Houston, where they were visiting my daughter and my new grandbaby, Moses Kiah Bailey (born January 9, 2003).

Otherwise, I’ve just been spending hours and hours on Yahoo! Messenger with Cindie… we’re very much in love already… we’re starting to look for land and maybe a house in the Asheville area.  I can’t wait to begin my new life with her!

I got a short e-mail from my Chinese buddy, He Chao, he’s back at the University in Chongqing and getting ready to be worked to death, they give them so much work in University over there.  I hope he does well.

John goes on being the best buddy in the world.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  I’m the only friend he has, so we go to movies, dinner, drinks, the whole 9 yards.  Our computers are networked.  I pay half the cable bill to use his cable modem.  A better friend would be hard to find.

I have to pick up Julie from work around 5:30 today, that will be good as I’m getting low on gas.  She’s a sweetie, loves me to death, gives me gas money for taking her places, sometimes buys me dinner or gifts.  Another great friend.

Everything is so rosy in my life… you’d think I was a different person.  Well, I am, and it’s all Cindie’s fault!  I love you, Cindie!!!!!!!!

Enough blogging for now, I’ll talk to me later.


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