OH boy.  Only two more days and Cindie will be here.  That is foremost in my thoughts.  I can hardly wait…

I drove Julie on some errands today… put some gas in the car… spent hours and hours online with Cindie and Alba Linette… answered lots of email.  My webcam works great, as long as I’m on Palnet; Yahell just doesn’t like networks.

I have applied to work in the Pagan Prison Ministry, through WARD (Wiccans Against Religious Discrimination).  I’ve applied to CERES for funding to go to the workshop I need to qualify for this program.  There is a need for someone in WNC to be doing this, and it’s something I have felt a calling for.  I hope everything works out.

More contact with Irysa.  I wish I was over her, it has been well over 4-1/2 years already…  We’re talking again.

Still haven’t heard from my parents, hope everything went well in Houston.

If Shaun doesn’t cancel me again, I see my therapist tomorrow, and can begin discussing changing my therapy to Serenity (http://www.finderenitynow.com).

John should be home any time now.  Guess I’ll wrap this up.  Talk to me later!


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