Monthly Archive: March 2003

Hi, Me!

Well, I just wrote The Great American Novel, and it got lost in the aether when I clicked Submit, so I guess I have to start again…

Hang on, gotta get another quart, er, cup of coffee…

Damn, hip still hurts.  Owie.

Listening to music on my computer.  Kazaa is equal parts amazing and frustrating… it’s amazing that you can do any of the file-trading and get all this music, I now have about 70% of what I’ve been looking for on my computer.  Amazing that I have found some things that I wasn’t looking for that are way beyond what I was expecting.  Frustrating that even when you find something you’re looking for, you might not get it because the download time is so slow that the other user logs out before you get it, and may not log back in again.

I hope I get some inspiration again, loved writing “Columbia” and would love to write more songs…  Don’t know what sets me off like that.

My blogring isn’t doing much.  I had one person join, but it looks like she quit already.  My Yahoogroup is still amazing me, we’re reaching people with bipolar disorder that are needing emotional/spiritual support and some ideas for alternative therapies every week.  (

Shayla, I wouldn’t have been so mad at you and said those evil things if I didn’t still love you so much… you just can’t lash out that much at someone you don’t have feelings for…. I’m sure you know that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy…  I think I’m well over the lashing out bit, I’d like to be friends again.  I’d be better off to act as though the contract is not in force, but I made it and I do stick to my contracts… you’re more than welcome to ignore it, but again, there was no cancellation clause… just didn’t think I needed one, we’d been through so much in so many lifetimes.

I finally calmed down enough to post an ad on Pagan Personals again.  And I already have a response… from another beautiful young lady… probably too pretty and too young for me to be thinking about a relationship with, not that I would stop drooling long enough to tell her to go away…  I’m pretty new at this dirty old man stuff…  besides, I love kids, and they love me, and she has two boys…  I’m still getting over losing Glitter’s kids when I gave up on Glitter ever leaving her husband.

I have the WARD Pagan Prison Ministry workshop this weekend, that will be lots of fun and open new doors for me that I’ve been wanting to open for many years.  The CERES Pagans’ Night Out is this Wednesday…  got a URI meeting Thursday…

I’ve been talking and working with Dr. Vic about Temple of Wicca, a new organization for getting paper credentials for pagan ministers, sort of a ULC for pagans but we’re working on having some real standards as well, not just handing out pieces of paper.  Had a really good conversation with him today, made some progress.  We’re not going to be as hard to get into as Covenant of the Goddess, but not as easy as Universal Life Church either…  I got my certificates from Dr. Vic in the mail earlier this week, and they are gorgeous… got an Ordination Cert., a Doctor of Divinity Cert., and a Cert. of Appreciation.  Wow.

I guess I’ve babbled enough for this early in the day.  This time I’m sending this to myself in email just in case it doesn’t load to my page, LOL, I’m not stupid twice…

Hugs to everyone!

Hi, me!

I just can’t seem to wake up today, but I’m over at Sapphire’s doing my laundry.  It will take forever, the dryer seems to take hours and hours.  But it will get done one way or another…


My hip is bothering me again today.  I hope I don’t have the problem my dad did, they had to give him an artificial hip…


Hi, me! LOL, I knew I could get Shayla to leave a comment on that one!

I’m up, and at Sapphire’s, but I’m not very awake. At least I’m with friends/students. Not as much pain today, took enough pain pills to sedate an elephant yesterday.

I’m gonna have to come back here tomorrow to do some laundry, hehehehe.

Not much to say right now. Sapphire is cooking dinner, and it smells gooooood. Her son, Mitchelll, is playing PS2, a driving game… hope he doesn’t drive like that when he grows up, LOL.


Hi, me and my friends!  Special hi’s to Heather and Laura and Shayla, who read this constantly.

I drove Julie to the bank and to the grocery store to pay her electric bill and buy some groceries.  She gave me some gas money, which I needed desperately.

John got sent home from work early, so we went to the Lone Star Steak House and pigged out on some good steak.  It was great, and I can barely sit down.

And now my computer needs to be rebooted, thought I’d get this in before I did that.  My Microsoft Office programs haven’t been working right this afternoon.  I need to work on a Word document and rework an Excel spreadsheet.

I’ve been in a lot of pain today, both ankles and right knee and hip.  Don’t know why.  Haven’t been in too good of a mood either.  Oh well, that’s life.


The NAMI CARE meeting went really well.  I’m always glad I went.  Just 4 of us tonight.  Got some things out and aired, talked about the new pdoc at Blue Ridge.

Julie didn’t call, I hope she’s feeling better.  Nothing on the schedule for tomorrow, so I’m open if she needs me.

Guess that’s it for now.


Good morning, me!  I dragged myself out of bed, thanks to my trusty alarm clock which refused to be turned off…  went to the URI Steering Committee Meeting.  Gee, Lady Byron has lost about 40 pounds, she looks great!  Robin picked up the tab on my lunch, as seems to be becoming traditional.  It was a good meeting, although we got sidetracked near the end before pulling it together.

I got home and called Julie, who will probably want me to run some errands for her if her headache lets up.  And then cleaned up my email, which leads me here.  My watch is set to let me know when it is time for the NAMI CARE meeting.

So it looks like I’m in good shape for the day.  Bright blessings, everyone!

Huge hippo hugs,

The CERES meeting went great, there were 4 of us at the meeting.  Pretty short, but we got a lot accomplished.  Then I came home and called Sapphire, my senior student.  A lot going on there, trying to get her ready for her 1sting.


Hi, me and my friends!

Well, I went to my therapist this afternoon… and he told me he got a promotion, which means he’s not going to be my therapist any more.  At least they got me a replacement I already know, Mark Jayne, the guy who does the housing program that got me my apartment.  He’s cool, a little stiff around the edges but a real bleeding heart.  I have to get his email from John, let him know what’s going on, maybe he’ll start reading the blog.

Welcome to all the people who have joined my new blogring!  And my regular readers, Alicorn and Heather and LadyPoetess and all y’all.

I have a CERES meeting tonight, hope it goes well.  And a United Religions Initiative Steering Committee meeting tomorrow at noon, hope I can get up for it… then I get to drive some errands for Julie, and my twice-monthly NAMI CARE meeting… nice to have something on the calendar for a change…

Huge hippo hugs to everyone, including myself!


I just started my own Blogring, Magnetic Magick.  It is for Bipolar Pagans and other Pagans/Wiccans with mental illnesses, to talk about therapies, alternative therapies, magickal and herbal treatments, medications, what God and Goddess have done in their lives, and about made and broken relationships…  we all go through this… Please join my Blogring if you feel any affinity to this…