Monthly Archive: April 2003

Had a fairly good day so far… I finally got out and found the cords for Sapphire’s Initiation.  Sapphire is too tired to spend time with today, will do that tomorrow, all we need now is the wine.

Willow is really down.  The guy who was going to give her a car so she could drive out to Beltane decided instead to put it up for auction, so she won’t be there…   Ah well, the Lady has her reasons.  We’ll be together soon, and forever.  Never forget that, my heart.  I LOVE YOU, WILLOW!!!!

Well, I’d better get back to the chatroom, something’s happening.


Some day this was… I was woke up by someone who wanted to come see my car at 3:15… I set my watch for 3:00 and went back to sleep.  Woke up at 3:00 and got dressed.  The guy didn’t show up.  At 4:15 I got a phone call from Raine, she had gotten locked into a room at the Flatiron Building (about 3 blocks away) with no inside doorknob, but had her cell phone with her, could I please go let her out?  I went and did so, after about a half hour of trying…

Raine was so sweet, and thankful, that she bought me dinner (chicken ceasar wrap) and 3 beers at Jack of the Wood.  We also met Dreamfox there, and talked about things, including our late beloved friend Tommy (Kerrwynn Pendragon).  Had a grand time, then I came home. 

I called Willow’s phone number and talked to Ivy, seems Willow was at the eye doctor.  After two more phone calls about the car (both of which said they would come see it tomorrow), and a call from my dear friend Julie, I called Willow back and talked to her, then she had to go eat.  After dinner, she called back and talked to me some more.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!

BTW, the new CERES website is up and running.  No major changes yet, but the new address is .

And now I’m in the SMC chatroom, doing my daily thing.  I’ll let you know if anything else happens.


Well, I got my laundry done, opened up the Shadow Moon Coven chatroom, talked to a few people, updated the CERES Events page, and now am changing my email addy on a few sites…



Hi everyone!

Well, I waited and waited in bed, but Willow didn’t call, so I got up around 5:10.  I got my laundry together and got my mail.  And then she called!!!!!  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!  Took my pills, and read my 43-odd emails.  Now it’s blog-time and then I get to do my laundry.

The problem with sleeping days is that you keep getting interrupted by spam phone callers… I must have had 4 phone calls this morning.

I got a card in Saturday’s mail from my willow, it was so pretty and had special things inside!  And today I got a card and CD from my friend Jill in England, now I have the original Flanders and Swann’s Hippopotamus Song! (Hope the CD works, haven’t checked it yet.) And she sent me a hippo pin too!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Better get the laundry done.  By waiting and not doing it yesterday, I can do it at my fave laundromat.  But I didn’t get a call from the guy who was wanting to buy my car .


The picnic went well, I got to play a few songs with good reception.  Talked to Willow a few more times… we’re going to use up all our long distance time, and enjoy every minute of it!

John and I went to dinner at a new seafood place.  John complained that they would probably only have fried fish… I pointed to the menu, which was fully one-half baked and broiled fish… so we both bought fried fish, LOL!  The flounder was good and lots of it!  The hush puppies were also good.  The other things were less so, but they had Diet Pepsi so I was very happy!

I’ve been fighting with Kazaa all night; every time I try to get a file, it disconnects. Grrrrr.  Still the best game in town.  I’m finding a few songs I’ve downloaded to be incomplete, so I have to reopen my search for complete versions of those songs.

Guess that’s it for now.  Nothing on the schedule for tomorrow, so I might do some laundry.  My favorite laundromat is closed on Sunday, so I’ll have to go to the other one.


I was woke up by the sweet sound of my Willow’s voice on the phone again.  I could get used to this.  Wish she were next to me, instead of on the phone.  Who knows, I might get my wish soon!

I went grocery shopping last night and spent most of what I made on my bicycle, but got lots of things I really needed and did very little in the way of splurging.  I still have enough for laundry, so I won’t have to bug Sapphire this month and can get it done faster.  I guess I’ll do that Sunday…

Someone is coming to look at my car Sunday, I hope I can sell it.  I really need to get this out of the way.

Nothing at all happening in the chatroom today, only a couple people in the room at a time.

I’ve managed to get a few more songs from Kazaa today, it’s like pulling teeth sometimes… I now have almost 81 hours of music on my hard drive…  still waiting on some songs, and lots of things I just can’t find.

Nothing else happened today.  I have the Appalachian Pagan Alliance Beltane Picnic tomorrow, have to take my guitar and impress the locals. 😀  Should be fun, I don’t think I’ve been to an APA event before.  Supposed to be around 40 people there.

Guess that’s it for now.


Hi everyone!

Well, Willow’s computer is going to be down for 2 weeks.  She is trying to resurrect her old computer, but needs a cable for her monitor, which probably costs $3 more than she has… pout

I got woke up by my sweetie’s voice on the phone (ok, I’m not going to count the stupid phone calls before that), and then had to hang up fast when Mr. Parker came to finish fixing my sink.  It took a few hours, but yayyy, it’s fixed.  I’ve already done one load of dishes, got another load or two to do when those dry…

The chat room has been flaky… everyone has been bugging me about where is Willow… LOL  Ya gotta take the good with the bad, I guess

Nothing on the schedule for today, so I guess nothing else will get done.  I expected to hear from Sapphire, but she does get busy.

I sold my bicycle yesterday, got $65 for it, not nearly what it’s worth but at least that’s some money, I’m really hurting right now and almost out of overdraft at the bank.  I got a call from someone this evening on the car, he might come by tomorrow.  I hope I can sell it, it would help a lot.

Guess that’s it for now.  I’ve been sleeping better since cutting back on my coffee and plugging my heater back in.


Well, the CERES meeting went well, I’ll be getting the minutes typed up in the next day or so.

Willow took her computer to the shop, so she won’t be online much until it’s back.  And she doesn’t have her car out of the shop yet, so she’s not sure she will be coming to Beltane  I don’t know what I’ll do without her there…  I hope she’ll even come home with me when she comes to Beltane.  We really belong together, we’re both convinced of this.

Mr. Parker got the drain in the kitchen sink unplugged — we had to run a pressure hose from the sink in the laundry room on the 1st floor down to my kitchen sink, and he had to saw off more pipe… so now it drains, but he has to buy more pipe, and I still don’t have my kitchen working.  I may get my dishes done some day…

I have my Temple of Wicca Certificates on my wall, I took down my Universal Life Church certs until I can get more hangers.  The Temple of Wicca Certs are more meaningful and are prettier besides.

My first meeting with Mark Jayne as my therapist went well.  We had a lot to cover, and he’s pretty concerned about my taking Serenity and not having a Primary Care Physician.  To tell the truth, so am I, but I’ll have to have more disposable income to take care of it.  If I don’t get my car sold, I won’t be able to buy more Serenity anyhow.  Mark looked at my blog, but didn’t really look at the content.  I hope he does… it’s the best way to keep up on how I’m doing.  We have our next scheduled meeting in 4 weeks, but I’m to call if I need anything.

The chatroom has been shaky today.  A couple of situations I needed Willow for, but she needs her rest after staying up all night worrying about Ivy being on the road.  I love you, honey!!!!! 

I guess that’s it for now.  John should be here soon.  If I’m up to it, I’ll check back in on the chatroom after he leaves.


I’m so lucky to have a psychic honey!  I needed to get up this morning at noon, and had my alarm set, but my baby called me at 11:45… I didn’t know why, except that as soon as she hung up, someone called to offer me their unwanted phone service and someone else who couldn’t read the ad called about my car… I don’t know if they’re coming to see it, but at least I was civil to them…  it plainly says to call after 3 pm in the ad…

I love you Willow!!!!! 

Anyhow, I get to see my new therapist this afternoon, and shock him with the fact that I’m taking lithium again, even though it’s a different kind of lithium than he’s used to dealing with and in a way lower dose… Poor Mark is so strait-laced I don’t know what he’s going to do…  he’s a good guy though.

I guess I’d better get my coffee ready.  I slept better last night, it might have been that I had my heater plugged in again.  But I know it was that my baby was thinking about me.

Huge hippo hugs!


I think Xanga lost my blog from last night… ah well…

I didn’t sleep too well last night, and got up early around 1.  PM.  I did get a call on my car, so there is still some chance I could sell it.  If not I may have to give it away before the landlord makes me have it taken away as junque.  I have a friend who needs a car and is too poor to buy one, if I have to I’ll give it to her.

I love my Willow!  I’m starting to get tense and excited about Beltane, I have to deal with meeting and getting to know my honey AND initiating Sapphire, as well as all the usual stuff that goes on at Beltane.

Well, I’d better throw some pants on and check the snail mail, then settle down to a pot of coffee.