Monthly Archive: May 2003

Hi, all

Well I got to the courthouse at 2:30… to find out that they lied to me, there is no Night Court on Friday, and I have to be there on Friday at 9 to 11 am for resetting my trial date… so now I have to remain a free man until NEXT Friday and do this again… in the MORNING… yuk…

My Willow is feeling a little better and is going home to Pleasant Hill today.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!!

Nothing more to report yet.  I’m just hanging out in the SMC chatroom as always.


Well, I’ve been praying and crying all night… I guess it’s time for bed now.  My psychic friends keep telling me it’s not Willow’s time to go yet.  I sure hope they’re right, I want my time with her.  I’ve waited 50 years for her, and I want her boys to have a home with me before anything worse happens…  she deserves some happiness with me, and I sure as hell deserve some happiness with her.

I finally did get named to the High Council of Shadow Moon Coven (online).  Not sure what that means, but I’m sure I’ll still have to pay for my coffee (grin).

Please, Goddess, keep Willow safe and bring her health back.

Still crying,

Dear Me,

Well, it has been a rough day.  They are threatening Willow’s life at the hospital, and the BEST they say can happen is a series of kidney dialysis.

I’ve talked it over with Sapphire and with people in the chat room, and everyone seems to think it is not her time to go.  I sure hope not, I have to have time to love her and take care of her and her boys.  The boys have to have a home, and so does Willow.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!!

I went to NAMI CARE tonight, had a pretty good meeting, but that was before I knew all this.  Went to dinner at CiCi’s Pizza. 

I got home and talked with my honey, and have been alternately praying and crying since.  Everyone please keep her in your prayers and burn some candles if you’re prone to do so.


OK, Willow is back at Joseph and Debbie’s, safe and sound… the idjits at the hospital didn’t put her under as promised and had to stick her 4 times to get the spinal tap right, grrrrrr…


See y’all in the chat room!


I’ve been so occupied with Willow’s health and our life together that I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!!!!  A few days late, I know, but you’re 16 now…

My Willow is in the hospital today getting her diagnostic spinal tap.  They’d better let her out.  <pout>  Take good care of her, Debbie.  I LOVE YOU, MY WILLOW!!!!!!

I saw my therapist today.  He seemed to think that Willow could just move in with me, until I mentioned Allan and Harley… he’s thinking about what he can do now… anyhow, everything will be fine.

I even told my Chinese penpal, He Chao, about Willow and her health problems, and he assured me that she would get well.  I hope he’s psychic…

Anyhow, I’m just focused on this one thing, so I’d better get off of here or I’ll even bore myself with it.


Almost forgot to blog today…

My Willow is in KC now, is going in for her spinal tap later today… I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!  I hope everything’s ok.  A big thank you to Debbie for being with her through all this.

I missed my court date on the seatbelt charge… was told to come back Friday night and avoid the bench warrant that way.  Willow’s mad at me, as well she should be, for missing this.

John took me to see Matrix Reloaded tonight, it was really good until it didn’t end, have to come back in November for the ending.

I go see my therapist, Mark Jayne, tomorrow.  I’ll have more than a few things to tell him.

Got lots more music off KaZaA today and yesterday, now have over 90 hours on my hard drive, about 5.7 Gb of drive space.  Yayyy!

Not much else, spending all my time worrying about my honey.  I even called my ex-gf and got her to light a candle for Willow’s well-being.


I got woke up this morning by Mike knocking on my door… he apparently called first, but I didn’t hear the phone.  So I jumped out of bed and threw my clothed on, while Sunbear got his stuff together, and we left, me to go to work for Mike and Sunbear to go find a place to camp.  I’m gonna miss having Sunbear and his dog around.  Maybe he’ll be back.

Speaking of demons, he just called, and is coming by for a visit.

I put in two hours of work for Mike in an elderly couple’s yard, and got paid for it.  Yayyyy!  Went to Nick’s for a Nickburger for breakfast afterward. 

Came home and took a nap, then got a call from my sweetie.  Poor baby is sicker than we thought… her liver and kidneys are failing, and we just don’t know what’s happening.  Snif.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!! Poor baby, you can cry on my shoulder any time, I just wish my shoulder was there for you to cry on directly.  You are everything in the world to me, don’t you ever forget that.

Well, I’d better get, Sunbear is here.


Didn’t have much happen today.  After 8, John and I went over to Jack of the Wood to meet up with an online buddy, Sunbear.  After a few beers, John went home and Sunbear took me to Barley’s for dinner.  Sunbear had more beer with his dinner, while I switched to Diet Coke and became the designated driver.  Afterwards we came home.  I logged into and got Sunbear ordained as a minister…

Sunbear has the sweetest dog, he’s quiet and everything, just a real sweetheart.  Anyhow, Sunbear has crashed on my couch for the night, so I’m going to bring this to a close.



I slept all day, must be making up for getting up so early yesterday.  Got two calls from my Willow before actually getting out of bed!  My coffee is made, I haven’t poured it yet…  Just finished reading all my email, got a new Computer Shopper in the mail…

I LOVE YOU, MY WILLOW!!!!!  I can’t wait until you’re here…

Nothing else to say, I’d better get my coffee.


Hi everyone,,,

Well, I finally got the car sold… only got $225 for it, but that’s something, now I can pay my latest traffic ticket and I won’t go bankrupt THIS month.  The buyer woke me up early to go get the title notarized, so it’s final .

I’m still sleepy, didn’t get much sleep last night what with the early wakeup call.

I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!  Another day with you still in Missouri… I’ll live I suppose, but I can’t wait until you’re here.

Guess that’s it for now.  More later if anything happens.