Monthly Archive: August 2003

More of the same.  Just got up a little bit ago.  Nothing happening today.  In fact, nothing happening on my schedule until Sunday, and if I don’t start getting up earlier I can’t take the bus anywhere.

Hugs to Mandi sis, I love you.

I LOVE YOU WILLOW, whether you ever read this or not.

Guess I need to make some coffee.


I could barely get up this afternoon.  I have a meeting in less than an hour.  Chim is going to pick me up in a bit more than a half hour for it.  I woke up at 3:30 but couldn’t get out of bed until 5:30. 

I MISS YOU WILLOW!!!!!  You realize this is ripping me apart not hearing from you…

Guess that’s it for now.  Hugs to all my sisters… Mandi, Akasha and Poisyn…


I just got back from the monthly CERES meeting.  It was a short meeting, but I think it was effective. 


Thank you, Mandi, for your sweet support.  It will be hard for me no matter how things go, but your help is very much appreciated.  Sisters like you don’t come along every day.

We have 34 members in the GWC database now, although 7 of them we’re not sure are still with us and 2 have been made Inactive.  Still, not bad.  Wish we could get them all out for class.  Dave fried his cable modem in a lightning storm the other night… poor guy…

Guess that’s it for now.


Still not much going on.  I was supposed to go to a Pagan Meetup at BeanWerks in West Asheville at 7.  I got there at 6:15, only to find that the place closed at 5.  So I caught the bus coming back to town, rather than wait for the other pagans and hope one of them would give me a ride.


Glitter was supposed to come by today, and didn’t.  Sapphire was supposed to come by yesterday, and didn’t.  I swear…

I’m out of bread, almost out of Diet Pepsi… I have Food Stamps left, but hard to get to the grocery store to get anything without a car.  Guess I’ll have to get up early and catch the bus.

I’m getting ready for Class in the coven room tonight.  We’re discussing the various types of Divination Methods.  The clean ones, anyhow.  I found a neat file on the history and myths of the origins of Tarot.  Should provoke some discussion.

Well, I guess that’s about it.  Almost time for Class.


Didn’t do much today, other than reorganize the pictures on the Golden Wyvern Coven website and talk to a few people on the phone (Glitter, my Mom, Sapphire).  Check out the new pictures section if you wanna… .

Hugs to ya, talk to ya tomorrow.


Hi all…

I’m sleeping too much again… got woke up about 4 pm by what I think was loud knocking at my door, but I couldn’t move to check it out.  They didn’t knock again, though, so I could have dreamed it… I did dream of the phone ringing recently to wake me up… my subconscious is getting tricky.

I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!! I miss talking to you, wish you would call.

Got all my email read, snail mail, listening to Weekend All Things Considered and drinking a Diet Pepsi.  Hmmm, football season, might be a game on the tube!  Later note: nope, what’s wrong with these networks anyhow!?!?

Our online coven now has 33 people in it, if they would all show up we’d be fine.  A lot of them are still unknowns, signed up early on the MSN page and all we know is their MSN name and email.  I’ll get to work on that soon.

I have to work up an outline for Tuesday’s Class on Divination Methods, will be difficult, more freeform than most so far.  How to cover everything without actually teaching the methods themselves, how to not get off the subject or run all over the place… will be a challenge.

Don’t have anything else right now.  Will talk to ya later.


Hi.  I just got up.  Got dressed, checked my snail mail… My Serenity came in today!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!  oops, just noticed I forgot to take my pills last night, I was sure I took them… (gulps fast)  I know I took them, must have missed another night earlier in the week.

Ah well.  I got a quick note from Mandi, just said she loves me… she has been a wonderful sister to me, my newest online sis.

Irysa’s husband is back in the hospital, got suicidal.  She’s getting depressive herself.  Not my department, just keep up on these things.

Read more of White Crow last night, it’s so cool and these are stories that never saw publication in the US, except for two of the three novels.  Recommendation:  Read anything you can get your hands on by Mary Gentle.

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  Read almost all my email.  Cool beans.

August 22

Moon of the Hungry Ghosts

The Chinese honored the dead who lacked descendants on the full
moon of the 7th lunar month. Lotus flower lamps are carried
through the streets and set adrift on rivers and streams in tiny
boats at dusk. Soul cakes are prepared to feed the ghosts who
are said to have mouths as thin as needles but huge bloated
bellies so they can never get enough to satisfy their hunger and
are always ravenous.


I LOVE MY WILLOW!  I’m bound to you until June 29 2004, and hope we go on from there.  Hope you read this and give me a call.

Love my sis Mandi, she’s cool.  Also got a neat email from my friend in England, Jill.  I started reading the book she sent me, it’s so neat reading parts of White Crow’s life I didn’t know about.  It’s 3 novels and 3 novellas in one volume, whereas they only published 2 of the novels in the US.  I’m also re-reading the Garrett series by Glen Cook, definitely the strangest detective series ever written… you gotta read it if you like detective stories and fantasy. SFBC has the first books out collected in 2 volumes, The Garrett Files and Garrett, P.I., so you can save money.  They haven’t published a collection of the last 3 books yet, but it’s a start…

I think I’m doing OK.  It just hit me all at once, the rudeness from Willow’s family and the chat with Glitter.  I should be getting my Serenity in the mail any day now.

Also should get my new Sanskrit lessons in the mail in a couple of weeks.  They were only $7.95 plus $3 shipping, and had to be mailed from the Ashram in India so they said to expect 18-20 days, LOL.  I have a few books in my collection with Sanskrit sections already, it would be cool to read them for myself.  It would be cooler if I had someone to speak the language with…

I wonder what I’m teaching class on this Tuesday?  Definitely time to think about that…  Also wonder if my local students are going to bother to call me and get back on track.  Their loss if they don’t.  But it would be good for me too if they did.

John took me out to “breakfast” last night around 9 pm.  I didn’t eat much, since I had gone to Cici’s Pizza earlier.  He did me a favor and took me to Walmart afterwards, saving me a bus trip.  I got caught up on the vitamins I was out of or nearly out of.  Hehehe, now it’s only money I’m nearly out of.

I’m still selling my CDs, if anyone reading this wants one… $13, see my website at and there’s an order form you can print out…  other things you can buy from me, lyric books, a tape of my older stuff, etc.  No t-shirts yet

I guess that’s it for now.  May you step in no karmic cowflops.


Class went really well last night… except that Mandi felt out of place in the Tools part of class, it didn’t feel anything like what she learned.  Sorry, sis… but we’re all different.

I went to Cici’s for dinner tonight.  Went to KMart to buy vitamins, but their prices seemed higher somehow.  I’ll go to Walmart tomorrow.  Wish I had a Sam’s card, they have really cheap prices, especially on the Fish Oil, about half what I pay.

I bought my bus pass for next month.  I could only do that because of the sales of the CDs and donations to the coven, which came about because of the Handfasting and Trinoc*Con, which came about because of Willow’s visit and Raine loaning us her car… lots of circles here… Goddess has been good to me.

I LOVE YOU WILLOW.  I know I didn’t say that on Xanga yesterday, but I did say it on my blog (

John didn’t stop by yesterday.  Hope he does today.  He’s on a morning schedule, don’t know why he isn’t stopping by.

Ah well, life is life.  I’ll try to not drop into my Eeyore routine.


Well, I think I’m feeling better today.  Still have the same conflicts, just they don’t hurt as much.  Mandi, hunni, please don’t take it personally, you’re the best sister in the world and you help a lot.

Warming up my coffee now.  In my 42-cup coffee pot. 

I ordered some Sanskrit lessons, they have to come from India.  I got word in today’s email that they have been shipped.  I tried to take some free lessons on the Web but they didn’t explain the vowel sounds; what I ordered was a CD that has the sounds on it, in addition to the writing.  I have several books that have the Sanskrit in them, I’m sure they say something a little different from the translation, not that the translator meant to mislead or anything.

I only weigh 275 this morning, down from my high of 293.  I’m back into 44 waist jeans, punching holes in my belt.  This makes me happy.  Well, kinda.

Not much to do today.  So I probably won’t do anything.  I have class to teach online tonight.  We’re covering Watchtowers and Tools.  Hope I feel up to it.