Monthly Archive: October 2003

Went to the Ask-A-Witch.  Had a wonderful time, although contacts were few.  I made a wonderful contact though… but I guess this is too public a place to talk about it.  Suffice it to say that I may finally be getting the real Gardnerian training I have been wanting for 20 years.  I’m bubbling over, but can’t really talk about it.

Got to talk to Willow for a few minutes last night.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!! poor dear hurt her back and is stuck in bed again. 🙁

I got the copy of American Greetings Create-a-Card in the mail today and installed it, it works fine… haven’t tried it out to see what I can make with it yet, but it should work better than my ancient copy of Parsons Announcements.

Guess that’s it for now.  Lots of hippo hugs.


Went to a Candlelight Walk for Victims of Religious Persecution on Tuesday.  Only a few of us, but we had a good time, it was lots warmer and less windy than last year.

I got my tent up yesterday.  Took it down (dry!) today.

I went to eat at KFC, was going to go to the Candlelight Vigil for the Ancestors but was too late and it was too far to walk… but at least I got most of my things done, will get some candles going here.

Have an Ask-A-Witch event tomorrow, it’s not far away so I’ll get there.

John and I watched some stuff on the History Channel last night.  He’s really into that stuff.

Playing with my P-75, I have everything on it but Internet and the scanner software, still haven’t found any at a decent price.  I have AOL 5.0 and 6.0 but they refuse to load to my hard drive for some reason, and 2.0 came on the installation disk but I’ll be darned if I’m going to run that old a version.  Besides, I’d rather not run AOHell anyhow.  Maybe I’ll call Earthlink and get a Windows 3.1 version from them.

Got some email from my Dad, lots of stuff happening in the family.

Ironing things out with Mandi.  She’s a good friend, want to keep her as one, been like family through this hard time.  Silver is helping lots.  GWC is doing OK, still not getting much participation on Class nights but we’re plowing ahead.  Just goes to show you who is really serious.

Guess that’s it for now.


Had a great time at the SerpentStone Samhain Gathering.  I missed Tommy terribly, sorry he died this year, but his spirit was very evident throughout (even if Dreamfox forgot to bring the birdbombs).

My new double-decker air mattress was a dream, after Dragon Ass inflated it properly.  My pump didn’t work as well, even though it was the same company and supposedly model but definitely different construction and action.  My tent was wonderful, many thanks to Corn Woman for re-sewing it after the damage at BelNado, and many thanks to Shadow Firecat for putting it up for me.

The firepit dancing was better than ever… some of the sights were beyond angelic… nuff said…

The food was better than ever, from the stew to the sushi.  We have the best Kitchen Witches.

It was great to see Aianna again, miss my first sister, since she moved to East Carolina.  Lots of hugs there.

If you ever get a chance to try Five’s Knuckle Dragger Mead, grab it!  It is wonderful, and will drain your brain cells from the first sip.  I also drank my bottle of Summerland Mead in honor of Tommy, very sweet but low alcohol.  I actually burned through the one pipe I brought with me, never did that before.

It rained an hour before I could break camp, so after a dry, warm, wonderful weekend, I still got all my stuff wet.  I need a dry day to set up camp behind my apartment before it mildews.  Yuk.

When I got home, there was a call on my answering machine from Willow.  I read my email and my comment on my blog from Willow so that I understood what she was worried about, then called her back.  Everything is all right.  She called me three times last night, this is the best day I’ve had with her since she left.  She is feeling much better, is off some of her medication and IV drip.  She still hasn’t heard from her sister, and I’ve tried to help her contact Ivy.

Talked to Mandi, tried to cheer her up.  Nothing is really different, just have to look at it right.  I’m in chat with Silver right now, it’s good to hear from her, she sounds like she’s feeling better too.  I’d better get back to her before she goes home from work.

Lots of thing happening.  You know how to reach me.


OK, I still haven’t done my dishes.

I went to my NAMI CARE meeting tonight.  We had a smaller group than usual, but it was a good group.  I went over to Julie’s afterward, did a card reading for her and rubbed her shoulders, like she always gets me to do.

I got home and did a meditation online with Richie, then John got home and we watched about half of this week’s episode of Enterprise before the phone rang.  It was my Willow, and we talked for about a half hour, this is the most time I’ve had with her for months.  I found out some actual medical information this time, and understand better what she is up against.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW

And now Mandi is sad.  I’m sorry, Mandi.

John should be back in a few minutes to watch the rest of the show.

Bye for now!

Whew.  I’m getting my laundry done finally.  I have 2 loads done and hung up, a third started.  It really sux having only 2 washers and dryers in the building.

Got to go to SerpentStone Festival this weekend.  I have class tonight in Golden Wyvern Coven, Silver is presenting what she found on Heliocentric Astrology.  I have a NAMI CARE meeting on Thursday, and Friday I leave for Dragon Hills and the Festival.  Dreamfox is giving me a ride.

So that’s my week… I’m in SMC right now.

Lots of love to Willow  hugs to Mandi  and love to everyone else

Huge hippo hugs,

The mail today brought me a copy of Microsoft Office 4.2 that I had been lusting after for my P-75 machine… apparently SilverSky bought it for me, the sweetie… thank you dear

I just got back from a United Religions Initiative meeting, where Byron and I discussed the Pagan origins of Hallowe’en (Samhain) and what we do.  It frequently broke down into questions about what is a pagan/Wiccan and what do we do in general, not just what do we do for Samhain.  The amount of honest curiosity was incredible, considering the room was mostly Episcopals (including 2 retired priests), Quakers, and Baptists, plus 3 pagans.  It was a lot of fun, glad I was asked to participate.

Guess that’s it for now.  All my love to my Willow  and hugs to Mandi  and everyone else reading this.


I guess I should talk a bit about yesterday.  We took my friend Tommy’s ashes to Graveyard Fields up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He died in April, but I guess his wife Patsy couldn’t let go of him until now.  Dreamfox saw to it that I got a ride, we met up at SerpentStone House in Candler, and I got a ride to the site with my ex-student Nymue.  Seems she has been making her living as a stripper/exotic dancer lately… and dating the lead singer of Type O Negative… they like the skinny ones .  She has offers to move to New York City, but is resisting because she loves the mountains here too much.

So we all gathered, about 40 of us, at the already overflowing parking lot at Graveyard Fields.  The site was not wheelchair-friendly, but we did everything we could to get Auntie Branwen as close as we could.  I carried her wheelchair down the long steps at the top of the path (and back up again), stronger men than I handled it on the steep path, but ultimately the path defeated us and we had to place her somewhere that she could see us.  We gathered down at the creek, and Patsy and Dreamfox read from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, a book that Tommy had been reading from during his life-ending illness, and then Dreamfox took the bag of ashes and emptied them into the flow of the stream.  (Yes, it’s illegal – we had a member on the outside to bail us out in case we got caught.  But it’s what Tommy wanted.)

Tommy was a man with a generous laugh, a good story, a pinch for the ladies, a loud belch and an equally loud fart.  He was a good friend.  He was a fine mead maker, an excellent stonebutter… I don’t think I could say everything he was good at… although music wasn’t one of his gifts.  I will miss my Irish friend.

Here’s to ya, Kerrwyn Pendragon.


Willow called me this morning.  She sounded better than she has in a long time.  But she said that there were things wrong with her that her mom had to help her with, that even Todd couldn’t.  I miss her so much.  She said she was still in love with me and wanted to make sure I was still in love with her.  I am… but it’s so hard to be with so little contact and so much negative stuff from her family.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW

I then proceeded to sleep through the whole day in my chair, didn’t watch a single football game.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I slept all night and now slept all day.  I was asleep when Willow called, in my chair.  I gotta wake up sometime.

Tomorrow there is a URI event at All Souls Episcopal Church that I’m supposed to go to and help with the Q&A with Byron.  Thursday is NAMI CARE again, and Friday I’m going to the SerpentStone Festival, Dean is giving me a ride to Georgia.  So just in case I don’t put anything in here between now and then, that’s what I’m up to.

Hugs and  to Mandi and everyone,

John is taking Patrick and me out to breakfast at 3:30 and probably to a movie afterward…

I LOVE YOU WILLOW  I hope you are feeling better.

I installed OS/2 Warp v. 3 on my P-75 computer last night.  Really slowed it down.  LOL.  I wonder what it does GOOD for it.  Got to do some reading.

Tomorrow I have to get up early, we’re doing a ritual with Tommy’s ashes up at Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I miss Tommy a lot.

Love to Mandi  and everyone else .  WRITE ME, LAURA (in Texas) for pity sake…


I woke up about 9:20 am, very early for me.  Went to the bathroom.  Turned on the radio, nothing worth listening to.  Turned it off.  Lay back in bed.  The phone rang.  It was Willow, she sounded terrible, could hardly talk.  She says she can’t walk by herself, sleeps all the time, is on so many drugs… has to sit in a special chair to take a shower… she is afraid that she doesn’t have much longer.  She kept saying she was sorry she got sick, as if she did it herself.  Silly wabbit.  We had our time together, dearest, and perhaps that is all Goddess will give us this trip.  I love you no matter what.  And I have already e-mailed Ivy as you asked me to.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!

I had another chat on the phone with Mandi last night.  I think I do more listening than talking.  Maybe that’s what I’m best at.   for you too, Mandi.

I haven’t heard from Laura for a month or so now, I’m beginning to be worried.  LOL how many people worry about not hearing from their ex-wife?  Told ya I’m weird.  She’s one of my closest friends, and I still love her, always will, am weird that way.  I don’t stop loving people, and she didn’t stop loving me either.  Guess I’d better write her.

Too early to think of anything else.  I just wake up warm and fuzzy .  Xanga needs to work on their smilies, not that expressive.