Monthly Archive: November 2003

Didn’t do much today.  Getting psyched about Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow at Ann’s.

Watched TV over at John’s, including the show outlining the background behind the new Cattlecar Galaxative show on SciFi Channel.

I got a call from my Willow.  She just got home from the hospital, where they did a colonoscopy on her.  Won’t have the results for a week.  She sounded very very tired.  And she still loves me.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!

Not much else.  Guess I should take a shower tonight.


Another weekend down.  I got my lithium orotate in the mail today and started taking it again.  Another friend found it somewhere for $12.20 for 200 pills, that’s a little better than what I found.  Anyhow, happy to be back on it, can start backing off my other drugs again.

Haven’t talked to Willow for a couple days again.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!

Talked to my landlord today, and made arrangements with him to get the rent paid.  Everything else is cool.

John took me to breakfast around 4, then I came home and took a nap and we went to see “Master and Commander” at 7, then hit Burger King before coming home again.  We had a High Council meeting for Shadow Moon Coven, covered a lot of stuff and did well.  It was a pretty good day.

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Time to hit the hay.


I mailed Willow a pound of pau d’arco for her healing yesterday, and mailed healer the CD he paid for.  Gwenn and Chris came over, and Gwenn cooked dinner and they watched ER.

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Finally got to sleep after 7 am this morning, and slept until 5 pm.  I took some trash out and am doing laundry.  Yay.


Not much happening today.  Got something in the mail from Mom as to what they want for Yule, and a slip from the doctor about bloodwork.  Oh, and I found a site online where I can get the lithium orotate (Serenity) for $15.99 including shipping, instead of the $40 that Serenity chargest!  Yayyy!  Now I need to find a cheaper site for Xenedrine EFX…

John really wants me to learn his amateur radio stuff, even bought me all the books.  I’m not interested, just can’t tell him that, he’s done so much for me.

Guess that’s it for now. 

Lots of hippo hugs,

My mom bailed me out, bless her heart.  Gave me some money as birthday and xmas present.  Now I can pay my rent and buy a few presents.

I went to Julie’s today and spent a few minutes with her.  She gave me some tealights in Fireside scent, the last few Firesides left.  That was my favorite scent, and they discontinued it.

Ann called and invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner at her house with her and her sister and a bunch of my NAMI CARE friends, should be lots of fun. 

I called John, he’s not coming over tonight.

Talking to Dovie in PM right now.

I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW, don’t ever forget that.


I don’t feel well today… and just found out my rent check bounced.  Yuk.  Hope I can work it out with my landlord, I’ve been here for 5 years or so, should be able to.

I LOVE YOU WILLOW.  My Willow is sick.  I love her so much.  I just want her well enough to move here, she can get much better care in Asheville than she can in Dodge City.

Not much going on.  It’s College Football day.  I expect most of my teams to lose as usual.


Well, I finally got the Golden Wyvern Coven T-shirt designed and online for sale!  It’s $18.95, and available at yayyyyyy.  The coven gets $4 from each shirt sold, so that will help pay for the website.

I got an end table to put next to my lounger.  Put out some roach traps.  Had a few too many bugs lately.  Still have to put the table together…

Slept a lot last night and today, guess I’m caught up from Tuesday.  John took me out to breakfast.  Got to go to NAMI CARE tonight, leaving in about an hour.




Gwenn and Chris got an apartment, moved most of their stuff out.  Cool.

I got to Salvation Army and applied for the Food Basket.  They gave me a card which said to come back on Dec 18th for my food, or that I would get a letter if I’m not eligible.  Kinda funky, usually they have just given out vouchers for Ingles Grocery Store.

I got my shoes taken back to Penneys and reordered.

I finally got to bed around 2:30.  Chris came around 6 to get the pillows.  Went back to bed.  Got woke up by someone knocking on my windows, nobody there when I went to the back door.  Shucks.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  I sent him an e-card, he hasn’t said whether he got it.  But I slept all day and didn’t call him to wish him a happy birthday.

Class yesterday went pretty well.  Mandi is bummed because she thinks GWC is tanking.  I don’t see it that way at all, we are getting as much activity in the room as ever, and more new people.  Temporary problems with SMC & GWC with Dave & Heidi proving to be jerks, but other than that, we’re fine.

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Latest silly thing for my blog.

I got a MO from healer, yayyy, helps pay for the GWC website and the t-shirt contract.  I really needed it this month.

Well, I guess that’s everything.


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I got a call from Willow this afternoon… her cancer is back.  They haven’t located it yet.  If they can locate it, they will do radiation; if not, they’ll do chemo…  they are also doing a procedure on her back to relieve her back pain.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!

I was supposed to go to Salvation Army this morning to apply for a Holiday Food Basket (probably just a voucher good at Ingles for $35), but couldn’t get out of bed.  I can still go tomorrow.  If I had gone today, I wouldn’t have gotten the call from Willow.

I also need to return some shoes to Penneys.  They’re the wrong size and color.  The pain of not having my own car, the bus system here is adequate but not if you sleep all day.

Got a Pagan Meetup tomorrow night at Port City Java.  Hope there’s a decent turnout.

Oh boy, I have to get out and go to the bank to get some laundry money.  I promised Chris I would.  I let Chris and Gwenn sleep on my couch again last night.  They left really early in the morning.  Like 5 am.  LOL I might not have been asleep…

Well, that’s about it for now.


Been up all night, just haven’t felt like going to bed.  Problems in SMC, poor Gilli.  Hope we can help her.

Talked to my parents tonight, and also to Julie.  Didn’t eat much today.  Took all my meds.  Wrote emails to friends, sent Dad an e-card for his Birthday on Wednesday.

Didn’t see Gwenn and Chris today.  John brought me chicken strips and fries from Wendy’s for dinner.  Hmmm, guess I ate something, huh?  Made a new friend online.

Still waiting to hear from my new teacher.  Hope she writes or calls soon.  I want to get started, whether I have to start completely over or not.

Got Windows95 Upgrade and a v.90 modem coming in for my P-75 computer.  A friend is sending me some memory chips for it, hope they work.  Still need software for the scanner, everything else is in place for it to be a usable machine.  Already have MS Office 4.2 for it.  Added my 5.25″ floppy drive the other night and did a full backup.  Good thing I have lots and lots of 5.25″ floppy disks.

Haven’t heard from Willow for a few days.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!   Hope you’re feeling better, and hope you call soon!

Talked to Poisyn last night for about an hour.  She’s a good sister.

Hmmm, the sun’s coming up, maybe I should get some sleep.  Think I should consider becoming a vampire if I go on keeping these hours .


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I’m way behind again.

Tuesday night Charlie and Amy tried to leave town, and instead wrecked their car and gave it away.  They then tried to talk me into letting them bring their pets into my apartment, which would have gotten me kicked out.  I said no.  After they stood out in the parking lot with Amy crying a lot, they went to Walmart and bought a tent and are camping out somewhere.  Leaving me with Gwen and Chris.

Chris has been working, and Gwen has been cleaning my apartment and generally been wonderful company.  It has been really good for me.  But Parker has been on my case about having anyone here (my apartment manager), so they got space in the local Salvation Army shelter.  At least I think they did.  Anyhow, they left about noon today.  The place isn’t quite back to normal, but it’s close.  And I miss them.

I got a call a few nights ago from Willow.  She didn’t sound good, but wanted me to know that she loves me.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!

I sat up in bed last night and talked to rc and Poisyn.  My little sister has been busy. 

I got the final artwork for the GWC t-shirt in the mail today. Now I have to figure out how to set up the online store so we can all order our t-shirts!  Yayyyyy!

Saw my therapist yesterday.  He is great for having ideas and contacts about my housing and stuff, but doesn’t do any therapy with me.  I should try to contact my previous therapist, Mark Yokley, and see if he is going into private practice.  They are shaking up the whole mental health system in NC on March 1, everything is changing and nobody knows how it will shake out.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  In your journey through life, may you step in no karmic cowflops.