I’m way behind again.

Tuesday night Charlie and Amy tried to leave town, and instead wrecked their car and gave it away.  They then tried to talk me into letting them bring their pets into my apartment, which would have gotten me kicked out.  I said no.  After they stood out in the parking lot with Amy crying a lot, they went to Walmart and bought a tent and are camping out somewhere.  Leaving me with Gwen and Chris.

Chris has been working, and Gwen has been cleaning my apartment and generally been wonderful company.  It has been really good for me.  But Parker has been on my case about having anyone here (my apartment manager), so they got space in the local Salvation Army shelter.  At least I think they did.  Anyhow, they left about noon today.  The place isn’t quite back to normal, but it’s close.  And I miss them.

I got a call a few nights ago from Willow.  She didn’t sound good, but wanted me to know that she loves me.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!

I sat up in bed last night and talked to rc and Poisyn.  My little sister has been busy. 

I got the final artwork for the GWC t-shirt in the mail today. Now I have to figure out how to set up the online store so we can all order our t-shirts!  Yayyyyy!

Saw my therapist yesterday.  He is great for having ideas and contacts about my housing and stuff, but doesn’t do any therapy with me.  I should try to contact my previous therapist, Mark Yokley, and see if he is going into private practice.  They are shaking up the whole mental health system in NC on March 1, everything is changing and nobody knows how it will shake out.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  In your journey through life, may you step in no karmic cowflops.


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  1. rachel_the_dire

    Hi.  I must say, we bipolars are some of the most interesting people…

    Rock on.


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