Been up all night, just haven’t felt like going to bed.  Problems in SMC, poor Gilli.  Hope we can help her.

Talked to my parents tonight, and also to Julie.  Didn’t eat much today.  Took all my meds.  Wrote emails to friends, sent Dad an e-card for his Birthday on Wednesday.

Didn’t see Gwenn and Chris today.  John brought me chicken strips and fries from Wendy’s for dinner.  Hmmm, guess I ate something, huh?  Made a new friend online.

Still waiting to hear from my new teacher.  Hope she writes or calls soon.  I want to get started, whether I have to start completely over or not.

Got Windows95 Upgrade and a v.90 modem coming in for my P-75 computer.  A friend is sending me some memory chips for it, hope they work.  Still need software for the scanner, everything else is in place for it to be a usable machine.  Already have MS Office 4.2 for it.  Added my 5.25″ floppy drive the other night and did a full backup.  Good thing I have lots and lots of 5.25″ floppy disks.

Haven’t heard from Willow for a few days.  I LOVE YOU WILLOW!!!!!   Hope you’re feeling better, and hope you call soon!

Talked to Poisyn last night for about an hour.  She’s a good sister.

Hmmm, the sun’s coming up, maybe I should get some sleep.  Think I should consider becoming a vampire if I go on keeping these hours .


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