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I got a call from Willow this afternoon… her cancer is back.  They haven’t located it yet.  If they can locate it, they will do radiation; if not, they’ll do chemo…  they are also doing a procedure on her back to relieve her back pain.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!

I was supposed to go to Salvation Army this morning to apply for a Holiday Food Basket (probably just a voucher good at Ingles for $35), but couldn’t get out of bed.  I can still go tomorrow.  If I had gone today, I wouldn’t have gotten the call from Willow.

I also need to return some shoes to Penneys.  They’re the wrong size and color.  The pain of not having my own car, the bus system here is adequate but not if you sleep all day.

Got a Pagan Meetup tomorrow night at Port City Java.  Hope there’s a decent turnout.

Oh boy, I have to get out and go to the bank to get some laundry money.  I promised Chris I would.  I let Chris and Gwenn sleep on my couch again last night.  They left really early in the morning.  Like 5 am.  LOL I might not have been asleep…

Well, that’s about it for now.


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