My mom bailed me out, bless her heart.  Gave me some money as birthday and xmas present.  Now I can pay my rent and buy a few presents.

I went to Julie’s today and spent a few minutes with her.  She gave me some tealights in Fireside scent, the last few Firesides left.  That was my favorite scent, and they discontinued it.

Ann called and invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner at her house with her and her sister and a bunch of my NAMI CARE friends, should be lots of fun. 

I called John, he’s not coming over tonight.

Talking to Dovie in PM right now.

I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW, don’t ever forget that.


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  1. FlamingLavender

    ~grEEtIngS~ hAvEnT spOkEn tO yOu In AwhIlE…… =)…. i hOpE yOu ArE dOinG gOoD…. sO, dO i gEt a shArE Of dA prEsEntS dAt yOu’rE gOinG tO bUy wIth dA mOnEy yOu jUsT gOt Or Are yOu gOnNa spEnD iT aLl On Our DeaR WillOw? i’M jEalOus! lOl… WillOw Is VerY lUckY tO hAvE sOmEOnE luV hEr sO dEarLy…yOu twO wErE VerY lUckY tO hAvE fOunD eAch OthEr….bEsT wIshEs tO yOu anD willOw And enjOy yOuR thAnkSgiVinG…<33 muCh lUv frOm FlameZ


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