I mailed Willow a pound of pau d’arco for her healing yesterday, and mailed healer the CD he paid for.  Gwenn and Chris came over, and Gwenn cooked dinner and they watched ER.

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Finally got to sleep after 7 am this morning, and slept until 5 pm.  I took some trash out and am doing laundry.  Yay.


Not much happening today.  Got something in the mail from Mom as to what they want for Yule, and a slip from the doctor about bloodwork.  Oh, and I found a site online where I can get the lithium orotate (Serenity) for $15.99 including shipping, instead of the $40 that Serenity chargest!  Yayyy!  Now I need to find a cheaper site for Xenedrine EFX…

John really wants me to learn his amateur radio stuff, even bought me all the books.  I’m not interested, just can’t tell him that, he’s done so much for me.

Guess that’s it for now. 

Lots of hippo hugs,

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