Yesterday I got a phone call from two nice couples of pagans who were making an emergency move from Joplin MO to Asheville… they had just gotten to Asheville and wanted to find a place to stay.  Well, I couldn’t find one, so here they are, on my couch and bed, with me sleeping in my lounger.  This is their second night.  Maybe they can get space at ABCCM Shelter tomorrow.  So far every shelter they have called does not take married couples, at least not without separating them, and has no available beds (well, Salvation Army had two beds available for women, but none for men).  I helped them get their UHaul unloaded into the CERES Food Pantry closet (in exchange for which they donated a whole lot of food), and they returned the UHaul truck tonight.  But my life is more hectic with extra people in the apartment, to say the least, and this apartment was not made for 5 people.

I got accepted by my new teacher.  She needs to meet with me to assess where I am in my learning and what she needs to teach me.  It might be better if she just started over, after 20 years I might be set enough in what I already know that starting over would be a better idea, but that’s for her to decide.  I’m really excited about this — and I also know that even a few years ago I would have been steamed at the necessity of starting over after already having gained my 3rd Degree.  But this will be a legitimate Gardnerian 3rd with great lineage, and I will work like a dog if I must.  Goddess has brought me this far, I’d be a fool not to put everything I have into it.

I haven’t heard from Willow for a few days.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!

A guy I met at one of the Witches’ or Pagans’ Meetups is going to meet me tomorrow and give me 2 or 3 stone hippos!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!

I’m not going to go to the URI Steering Committee Meeting tomorrow.  Robin said she couldn’t go, and I can’t afford it by myself.  I made some changes to the mailing labels and printed up a set for Robin, she will get in touch with me to pick them up later.

John didn’t come by tonight, unless I just didn’t hear him knock.  Mr. Parker came by today and found out about my houseguests… he wasn’t too happy, but he didn’t go overboard either.  Gwen even washed my dishes… about time those got done…

Guess that’s it for now.  Yahoo Messenger Chat has been messing up, so I haven’t been in chat much.