Monthly Archive: February 2004

Well, things went well at the coven meeting.  I can say that I’m involved with RavenCroft Coven.  Not much else.  But I think I’m gonna be ok.


Well, my ride will be here in a few minutes to take me to the coven meeting.  I’m very nervous, could hardly sleep last night… had to talk to some pagans in Yahoochat to calm me down enough to be able to write this.

Willow is sick, caught her kids’ cold.  awwwwww  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!

I guess I’ll be all right.  I’m suffering from delusions of inadequacy right now.  Beth hasn’t been awake yet or I’d be bugging her, and she’d be helping.

My ex-wife Laura is in a lot of pain, and the doctors are talking major surgery and major pain killing stuff… please keep her in your prayers…


The weather people are forecasting 8 to 12″ of snow today.  That’s more than we’ve had in a whole WINTER since I’ve moved here.  Chim called, and NAMI CARE has been cancelled for tonight.  That’s bad for me.  By the way, Saturday’s weather forecast is for temperatures in the 50s… and I’m scheduled to go to my new coven again on Saturday…

I haven’t heard from Willow except for a note or two on Instant Messenger, but I haven’t been online that much lately.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!

I didn’t feel very well yesterday, and still went to the CERES meeting.  Probably shouldn’t have gone.  I guess it was a good meeting, we got to introduce Gwenn to the group.  I still have to type up the minutes and post them.

Therapy is in limbo; the new company (New Vistas) doesn’t actually exist until March 1, and I’m not about to call the emergency line.  I learned the hard way in Michigan what happens when you call the emergency line; you wind up in the hospital against your will.  I just have to hold myself together until the new company can get its act together and assign me a therapist and get me an appointment.


Well, I went to a Witches’ Meetup at Malaprops’ Cafe and Bookstore tonight.  What we didn’t know was that there was also a John Edwards Meetup scheduled there.   So when someone was asked, “Are you here for the Meetup?” someone else said “Yes” and we had a huge table full of people by the time I arrived… then we started getting bent out of shape when everyone started talking politics at our Witches’ Meetup…  We got it all figured out, and everyone likes each other.  We still had 5 adults and a kid (Mitchell, I like Mitchell) for the Witches’ Meetup.

Got home not too late for Class online in Golden Wyvern Coven.  After our usual 2-hour warmup, Silver taught a good class on Ethics.  We had 6 people at class most of the time, one or two others coming and going.

Had a message on my Y!Messenger from Willow, saying she wasn’t feeling too good and would be in touch later.   I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!

Talked to my parents on the phone earlier.  Haven’t done that for a while.  Not a whole lot; Grandma isn’t doing so well, but then, she’s almost 100 now.  She needs more assistance than she wants to admit.



Gwenn got her picture on the front page of the Citizen-Times today, full color and everything… the article seemed to concentrate on the “fact” that a city ordinance hasn’t “stopped panhandling”… the problem isn’t panhandling, but homelessness!  Gwenn has been organizing an “Asheville Homeless Alliance”, with lots of good ideas about lending or giving things like tents and bicycles to people who are NOT expected to pawn them for drug money…  I helped her work on a couple of things.  Current Asheville Police Dept. policy upon finding a homeless camp in the woods is to shred and destroy everything!  These people don’t have anything except the tent and sleeping bag that the cops find, and the cops destroy that!  If a car breaks down on the highway, the cops don’t bust out the windows and shred the upholstery!!!!!  But that is about what they do to the homeless.  Gwenn has been working with the local police to try to change these customs.  I wish her every success.

I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!   My Willow hasn’t been feeling well lately .

I saw a movie on TV called “John Norman’s Gor”.  Well, hey, I read all the Gor series when I was younger… well, most of them, there were too bloody many and after the first 20 or so they were all the same.  Still, there were a few good ideas in them…  The movie deleted all the good concepts but kept the name of the main character and the “counter-Earth” (although there was zero discussion of where it was), and made the character’s transportation to and from Gor a magical rather than physical one… other than that, and the scantily-clad babes, there was very little relation to the books.  Almost at the end of the movie they threw in a shady character played by Jack Palance, seemingly in the hopes that the movie-viewing public would suddenly get interested in the movie and demand a sequel.  No dice.  TV Guide rated the movie 1-1/2 stars — they were WAY too generous.  I only hope they paid John Norman’s royalties… although there is some chance that “John Norman” is a franchise, rather than an actual author…

John and I watched a video of “P.S. Your Cat Is Dead”.  I never knew they made a movie of it, that’s one of my favorite books!  Well, they changed a bunch of stuff in the movie, including totally cutting off the ending, and Steve Guttenberg WAY overwhined throughout the movie, but it wasn’t all that bad overall.  (They changed the name of the cat and the burglar, downgraded Jimmy Zoole’s acting credits, and moved the whole thing from New York City to Los Angeles, but otherwise it was OK.)

I wrote a new page on my website tonight, and tweaked it until I got it right, having to do with the meditation practice I’m doing.  Apparently the guy who developed the practice doesn’t want anyone to know how to do it, and that ain’t right.  So I fixed it.  It can be found at if you wanna see.

Guess that’s it for now.


Hi everyone!

Yesterday I saw my new therapist for the last time.  I was supposed to see her next week, but the company told her to spend next week doing paperwork and preparing to move out.  The good news is that the new company has managed to sign a fair number of therapists, so I might be able to get some help.  We had a pretty good session anyhow, and I put a number of wheels in motion to make it easier to take care of myself.

Today I actually got off my ass and called (1) the cable company to get this damned Digital Cable box out of my house so they can give me back my Analog Cable and I can start using my VCR again; (2) the kidney center to get a doctor’s appointment (haven’t seen a doctor there for over 2 years); and (3) a new place for an intake appointment with a primary care physician.  Gee, I might finally start taking care of myself, what a concept!

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!!   Poor honey has been home in bed sick again.

Not a whole lot else happening.  I’m staying active in almost a dozen Yahoogroups, and in daily contact with Beth (ex-wife #3, in case you’ve lost count).  Gwenn and Chris are over about every other day, Chris is about to get hired permanently at a job here even though they are still living in a tent.  I helped Gwenn print up some stuff for the Asheville Homeless Coalition, which will be meeting with the press on Tuesday.

Guess I’ll say sayonara for now.


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hmmm, funny, a Hindu Wiccan celebrating a holiday honoring a Catholic saint who did not believe in marriage… what’s this world coming to?


I just got back from John taking me to breakfast.  He took me to dinner last night too.  It’s a shame we’re not gay, we go on so many dates…   John has been a good friend for a lot of years now.

I broke my caffeine abstinence today and made a pot of real coffee… the decaf was starting to taste like flavored water…  now to see if the headaches come back or not.

Guess that’s it for now.  My honey wants to talk to me on Yahoo! Messenger.


I guess I never mentioned what happened when I went to meet my new coven.  Well, it didn’t happen.  We had a snow and icestorm… the coven was about 24 miles away, and we never got as far as 10 miles from town before the roads got impassible.  In fact, there was an accident right behind us, someone spun out and slid into the guard rail and the car behind them slid into them, so we decided right then and there that it was time to get off the freeway and go home.

Gwenn came over and told me what happened to them.  The snow yesterday capsized their tent and soaked all their stuff.  They slept in a wet, cold sleeping bag last night.  Needless to say, she took a hot bath and is asleep in my bed right now.  Chris is at work.  They have been given the right to use another campsite which has a teepee with a firepit inside.  There is a lot more to that story, but I’m sure I don’t understand all of it.  There was something about a propane cannister that was supposed to last 6.5 hours but burned out after 1 hour.

I got to chat with my honey a lot last night.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!   She got my Birthday and Valentine’s Day cards, and said she loved them.  Wait until she sees what I got her for her Birthday

I found out that there are going to be not one but TWO Science Fiction conventions in Asheville this year, one in June and one in October.  I’ve already been asked to be a Guest at the one in October, and presumably will be asked to the other one.  (If I’ve already mentioned this, please forgive me… swiss cheese memory.)

Not much else happening today.

Huge hippo hugs,

Talked to Willow some today.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!

Met with my therapist.  Covered a lot of things.  Feeling a bit fragile today.

Still keeping up with my meditation.  Got a ways to go before my second Kosha, but I’m getting there.

Gwenn and Chris and Laura came over and took baths.  John came over after they left and talked for a bit, then we watched Monk.  We love Monk.

Guess that’s it.  I could go into more detail but I won’t.


Willow loves me! Yayyyy!  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!

AOL/Time Magazine has a test to rate the candidates according to your issues.  I didn’t agree with the questions or the lumping of categories, but I couldn’t disagree with who came in #1 or #7 on the list.  The address is if you want to take it yourself.  I took out all the pictures and non-essential stuff…

1 Kucinich

Score: 100%

2 Sharpton

Score: 92%

3 Kerry

Score: 87%

4 Clark

Score: 83%

5 Dean

Score: 83%

6 Edwards

Score: 73%

7 Bush

Score: 12%

Is that CLEAR, Mr. Bush??????

Mr. Flaming Lavender, you know Willow and I love you, but you don’t have a spot for Comments and I hate having to leave my comments on your Flooble.  FIX IT!

I’ve found some new Yahoogroups to be in for support of some of my issues.  I hope there is enough activity in some of them to actually help support me (and let me offer my support for some of them).

I guess that’s it for now.