Monthly Archive: March 2004

OK, things have been happening again. 

Silver resigned as HPs of Golden Wyvern Coven… That just about tore it for me, and I closed the coven… should have talked to Healer first though… sorry, Healer.  The website has been revised to show the current changes.

Did some more work on the Asheville Homeless Network website.  There was a brouhaha at the meeting today, which I didn’t make (another brouhaha, as someone was supposed to wake me up).  I feel bad for Laura Coxie, and said so on the Yahoogroup.  If we elected the Board for 3 months, we shouldn’t just boot someone out of their Board position, at least not without discussing it with them first.  I’m mad.  Hope Gwenn still likes me.

If you haven’t looked at Hippo Haven lately, take a peek.  I totally revamped it recently (not sure if I’ve mentioned this before).

I talked to my Honey today.  She hurt her back and can’t stand up straight.    She also said her son Allen didn’t get my earlier email, so I wrote another one.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!!!  (Look, Ma, no website for this one!)

It looks like the convalescent home is going to kick my Grandmother out in a couple of days.  Things haven’t exactly gone right.  Now my folks have to re-accommodate her to her house, she has been around lots of people the last couple weeks.

Guess that’s it for now.


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Another Friday night.  I’m in the Golden Wyvern Coven chatroom again, and nobody is here except us four regulars.

I reworked my own website to include frames, and used my newfound coding skills to keep the old page as a noframes version.  I think it looks pretty good.  Just changed a couple of backgrounds to make it more uniform.  And you can open this page directly from my website now.

Did a bit more tweaking on the Asheville Homeless Network website.  Not much more to do that I can see.  We need a little more information on Buncombe County laws pertaining to the homeless, otherwise it’s pretty good.

I’m adjusting to my new role as a wild-eyed radical activist.  Not sure how to handle it, but it looks like my current path.  Thinking of starting a group for local survivors of psychiatric abuse… the working name is Mad As Hell…

Not much else to say right now.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!


Had a good day.  Worked some more on the Asheville Homeless Network website.  Added a few appropriate laws to the laws page, added some health and mental health information to the links page, and with help from Kristine added a NOFRAMES version of the website for those people who should have replaced their computer 8 years ago but are still trying to use the Internet.

Went to my NAMI CARE meeting.  Lenny showed up for it, which was good.  We had 9 people, tied for our largest group ever.  I presented all the stuff I’ve been researching and read my letter in Mountain Xpress.  I’m beginning to feel like a wild-eyed radical instead of just someone wanting to be treated like a person by my mental health professionals.  I don’t think I should have to organize a MadIn protest at New Vistas to accomplish this.  We’re talking basic civil rights here… but it must be said that other people, other groups have had to fight for their basic civil rights.  I don’t know if I’m cut out to be an activist… but ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!  I hope Ivy is treating you well and you get done what you went to Texas for.

Guess that’s it.  For now.


OK, we added the Application Form for the Adopt-A-Homeless-Person program to the website… that was a b*tch.  Printed up business cards for myself (for AHN) and Gwenn, she hasn’t seen them yet.

My visit to the nephrologist was pretty good.  I like Dr. Word-Sims much better than Dr. Ling.  He will call tomorrow with my lab results.  Crossing my fingers.

Lenny is back on the streets.  That’s better than being in the VA Hospital.  He should be here in an hour or so.

I miss you Willow…  I know Ivy is taking care of you though.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!

I’m only sleeping 6-7 hours a night.  Somehow that doesn’t feel right, and I frequently feel sleepy during the day, but I just can’t stay in bed any longer.  At least it’s better than the 10-14 hours I used to get on the drugs.


OK, I’m up now… have to go to the meeting of the Asheville Homeless Network in a few minutes, and then go see my kidney doctor at 1:15.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on the AHN website ( ), adding links and Guestbook and Forum, etc.

I think Willow is on her way to Texas for some eye surgery now.  I miss her.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!

On Sunday Lenny bought Chris, Gwenn and I about $190 of groceries.  He had lots of room left on his EBT card, just wanted to give some of it away.  Kristine gave Gwenn and Chris a ride to the VA Hospital, where Lenny is staying, and then to Ingles… they descended upon me on Sunday night.  Gwenn spent a couple hours yesterday separating out the hamburger and chicken and pork chops…  So anyhow, if I have any clue what I’m doing, I have some food for a while.

Guess that’s about it.  I’d better get to the AHN meeting.


Had a good coven meeting and Ostara celebration last night.  L. picked me up as usual.  I really like her.  I finally got my guitar out and played some.  Haven’t touched it since Yule, when Beth and Marada were visiting.  My voice was rough, partly because I was soooo tired, but they didn’t seem to notice and objected when I said anything about it.  My fingers still knew what to do.

Haven’t seen John in a few days.  He mentioned in email this morning that he misses me. 🙂

Only got about 6 hours of sleep last night.  Maybe that’s enough, but I’m so used to the 10-14 hours I used to get on the bipolar drugs.


My grandmother is still in the convalescent home.  It sounds like they may have trouble getting her out, she’s having too good a time.  She needs people to talk to, and she doesn’t really get that sitting at home.

I see the new kidney doctor on Tuesday.  (I refused to go back unless they changed doctors — my dislike of the other doctor kept me from going back there for over 2 years).  Otherwise it looks like an open week.  I have been getting outside more now that it has warmed up some.


I just got back from meeting with my new therapist.  If he remains honest with me, we should be able to do all right.  He seems to believe that fish are herbs… kept referring to my herbal therapy in treating my bipolar.

More work on the Asheville Homeless Network website.  Also wrote a new page on my personal website, but I’m going to wait a week or so before linking it publically.

I guess I’m all right.  Feel a bit strange today.  Nothing way out of the ordinary.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!


I went for my echocardiogram today.  They found a leaky valve, said it wasn’t anything to worry about — but that the guy telling me this was the tech, not the doctor, so I should wait to hear from my doctor tomorrow or the next day for real information.

Not much else going on right now.   Going to New Vistas to meet with my new therapist/case manager tomorrow.  Speaking of which, my letter to the Citizen-Times went ignored, so I slightly reworked it and sent it to Mountain Xpress.  I just got off the phone with their Letters Editor, he not only wants to print it (he made me add 3 words to save their lawyers a heart attack), but he ran out and bought some fish oil.  Looks like I might have a positive impact.

Willow is going to the doctor in Wichita tomorrow.  I miss her so much.  I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!


Well, I’ve been rearranging my sleep schedule again.  Yesterday I didn’t get to sleep until 4 pm, slept until half past midnight.  The day before I got to sleep at Noon and slept until 8 pm.  Another day or two of this and I’ll be on a regular schedule again.

I spent a lot of time tonight looking for music.  I found a website that has TONS of downloadable MP3 files from my long-time favorite Judee Sill.  The website is .  And you can do a Kazaa search until the cows come home and find not a single cut of her stuff; the music on the website above is the first my computer ever saw of her works. 

If you’ve never heard OF Judee Sill, you’re not unusual.  Her first album was the first ever on David Geffen’s Asylum Records; while it went nowhere, it was good enough for her to make another one, “Heart Food”, a couple years later.  Both have been re-released on Rhino Handmade, in a run of 5,000 copies each… I hope I can get the money to buy them before they run out.  Judee was a very different kind of person, she played guitar and piano, wrote her own stuff… nobody else could have written it, it was a very ecstatic, almost acid-based form of Christianity that made you love whatever god she was worshipping, even though you knew there was NO WAY she was singing about the same god you heard about in church.  (Her “Jesus”, from a composite of her lyrics, is a vigilante cowboy coming to get the meek in a flying saucer…)  On the other hand, her life as reported on the Internet was not filled with the love that her songs were.  From her first album, some of you may remember all the airplay of “Jesus Was A Crossmaker”, produced by Graham Nash even… with all that air time, it still didn’t even make the charts.  Go back and find this stuff, it will warm your heart and make you wish one more songwriter hadn’t been wasted. 

I also found a lot of information on David Ackles, another of my most favorite singer/songwriters.  That was a warmer recollection, his life was well-lived.  His musical career, however, albeit filled with four excellent albums, went nowhere.  If you’ve heard of him, you’re probably a very famous musician — he had definite impacts on the likes of Elvis Costello and Peter Gabriel, as well as being close friends with Bernie Taupin, but nobody bought the records.  I’m proud to say that I have all four of them, including the little interview single that came with “Subway to the Country”.  The first three, on Elektra, have been released to CD; Columbia is ignoring the fourth.  Again, hoping I can come up with some money to get these.

OK, I have to put some clothes on and toddle off to the Asheville Homeless Network board meeting.  If you haven’t looked at our website recently, go give it another shot; I’ve been working hard on this one. .

Guess that’s about it for now.  Oh, and I LOVE YOU MY WILLOW!!!!!!!!