As usual, I’ve been on the phone virtually non-stop with my sweet Aimee.  When I’m not, I miss her terribly.  Like right now.  But I’m going out to breakfast and a movie with John in a few minutes, and have a meeting tonight at 5:30.

Meditation has been going well.  I have revised my page again on my website — am so tired of being pulled this way and that by the two theorists who are my guru and paramguru, so I just took the best of what worked for me and called it my own.  I was supposed to be meditating with no conscious thoughts of anything but the breathing … all the yammering back and forth was impinging on that.  So, a pox on both your houses (I take that out of the Law), I’m going it on my own.  Sure beats giving it up, it’s nice to have a regular regimen of meditation.

OK, gotta get my shoes and socks on.  Probably going to see I, Robot.  After breakfast.

These are for you, Aimee…

And a little piece of my  for my friends… that’s you, Irish…


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  1. Irishlass

    You are so sweet!!!  I had my head burried deep in my books yesterday, and McSpanky who reads my sites to me so that I can still keep up with everyone says, Hey, you gotta read this one yourself.  So I read your blog and see a personal hello.  That was sooo awesome, thank you!  I’ve been study’n and stress’n and study’n…………. to the point where I’m brain dead.  You’re hello was a much needed breath of fresh air!
    THANK YOU!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!


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