My Aimee is asleep now, and as usual I’m listening to her breathe. 

I got a new responsibility today… I’m taking over the NAMI CARE group, at least temporarily.  That means more NAMI meetings though, at least two more a month.  I have to keep this group going, it has been one of my best supports in the past couple of years.  One other person applied for the job, but as far as I know he has only attended two meetings and was disruptive at the last one.

John took me to breakfast and we went to see I, Robot.  It was good, although it was not a plot Asimov would have written.  I think there is plenty in the books to work with, they didn’t have to write a whole new story.  They borrowed most of the characters from the original set of short stories, but I think Susan Calvin should have been more logical and less emotional.

Better go to bed now.



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  1. Irishlass

    Congrats on the NAMI Care group!  You got a promotion!!  🙂
    I’ve heard mixed reviews about I Robot.  I’ll have to see if it’s still playing when I come up for air next! 
    Have an awesome day!!


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