Getting worried.  I have to go pack for the convention, I leave around 11 am tomorrow.  I haven’t gotten to talk to Aimee much, she has been spending all her time on the phone with me and hasn’t been cleaning her house, so now she and Misty are doing that.  I’m already going to miss her all weekend…

I sent her some songs to keep her company.  She now has two tapes of me singing my songs.  I want my Aimee to love me and be happy doing so.  I need her to come home, but I put too much pressure on her about that already.  She knows where I am and how much I need her.  And I know how much she needs me, and all the things we could do and be together.

In case you haven’t noticed, this guy’s in love.  I LOVE YOU MY AIMEE!!!!

Thanks to my parents, I have the money for my hotel room this weekend.  I heard from the concom, and they only have me scheduled for one concert and no panels.  I hope that changes, I really enjoyed the two panels I was on last year.  Anyhow, I hope it’s as much fun as last year.  I still think Marada may be coming for part of it, don’t know for sure.

I called the manager at Mountainhouse and arranged to meet with him on Monday to get the key and learn how to set the alarm system, so we can go on having NAMI CARE meetings.  Those of you who have been reading for a while know how important that group has been to me; I hope I can keep it going in the beautiful spirit that Chim brought to the group.

I might be overextending myself.  I’m now running two support groups, one meeting weekly and the other twice monthly; getting into NAMI CARE also means two more meetings a month with NAMI, a group I do not see eye-to-eye with.  In addition, I have 4 Yahoogroups and 2 Livewire Forums to run, and post the Hindu lessons (3 of them) daily to another forum on DelphiForums.  Plus my work with the National Homeless Network and CERES.

I’m keeping up with my meditation for now.  For that matter, I should go do that now.


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  1. Irishlass

    Wow you have a full plate sitt’n in front of you!  Wishing you the best and I hope everything goes as it should!!!  Hugs!!

  2. Anonymous

    *hugs moss*muah hun… glad things re fnally lookin up for ya-lil one


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