Monthly Archive: July 2004

I really missed my honey today.  I did get to talk to her some…

Marada came for a visit.  She leaves at noon.  She’s asleep
right now… and for the first time I can remember, I can’t sleep with
someone I like in my bed.  I wish it was my Aimee…

Spent more time getting my computer set up the way I want it. 
FInally have all the updates to Win2000Pro installed.  More of the
software runs the way I expect it to.  I’m using Mozilla right
now, but it doesn’t keep pictures and HTML stuff when I answer an
email.  Will probably go back to Infernal Exploder soon. 
Lost all my bookmarks, so I have to find my websites again.

Lenny is out of jail, and asleep behind me on my couch.  He was in
on two charges, and they couldn’t even bring one of them to court, they
were soooooo bogus.  Hope he stays out of jail — the guy who did
the things Lenny was accused of is still on the loose and has Lenny’s
computer and much of his personal property.

Always good to hear from IrishLass when she comments.  Good friends are hard to find.

Hugs (and kisses and other things to my Aimee),

Finally got the new computer running.  What a task.

I went to a ritual on Sunday, I thought I would only know about 2 or 3 people there.  Turns out I knew nearly everyone there, including Lady Phoenix Rizing, the lady who gave me my 3rd Degree.  I played until my fingers were sore.  Must have sung for 3 hours or more.  That wasn’t the only highlight of the day.

After I got home, the other board members of National Homeless Network came over and we had our board meeting.  Interesting.

Meanwhile, the whole weekend was otherwise taken up with tearing out my remaining hair, trying to get my new computer working, which involved cannibalizing the drives from my old one so neither one was working and I have no access to the Internet.  If it weren’t for frequent calls from my sweetie Aimee, I might not have held together… it got pretty tense earlier today.  But it is in just about the same shape it was in, which is to say it runs.  I need to get more RAM for it as soon as I can afford to, 256 Mb just isn’t enough and it has been complaining the whole while.

Ah well.  I’m getting slowly caught up with my email, forum mail and blogs.  Guess that’s enough for now.


Another weekend without Aimee.  Snif.  She talked to me on the phone last night until she had to leave to pick him up, and she called me this morning when he left to pay the rent.  But we didn’t sleep together last night.  I got a lot more sleep than usual last night, but don’t feel rested at all.  I LOVE YOU MY AIMEE.

I got my new computer yesterday.  The case had been jammed together on one side, and that side panel was bent… I did take a pair of pliers to it and unbend it enough that it fits together right again.  Overall, it LOOKS nice from the front but feels flimsy on the back, where all the connectors are.  John is coming over today and I’m going to set about putting it together.  If we do it right, I should be back online in hours; if not, it might be days…  it is a barebones system, comes with the case, power supply, motherboard, Athlon 2400+ processor, processor cooling fan, and 256 Mb of RAM … a 56x CD-ROM and a floppy drive.  I’m taking the 8x DVD-ROM from my old machine and swapping it with the 56x, then adding my CD-RW and two hard drives.  It *SHOULD* run just like the old machine only better.  Windows 2000 Pro will have to go through the new hardware configuration, might take a while.

I will also have 2/3 of a machine left, my old one, a 350 MHz Pentium II machine needing the power supply replaced and a hard drive to make it run.  Anyone need a cheap computer?

I printed out all the rebate forms on the new computer.  If I can find the things I need (UPC codes, make copies of the sales order), I’ll get $110 total back in 4 rebates, that’s worth using a few stamps for.

Anyhow, that’s my life today.  Hugs to IrishLass, spikymuffin, and others who have been leaving comments …. kisses, etc., to my Aimee, just for loving me so much.


I went out last night and played at Beanstreets.  I “should” have gone to my NAMI CARE meeting, but my concerts are coming up fast and I felt I needed to work on my performance.  I played two songs, the sickly humorous “Colorado” and my fairly new love song to my Aimee, “Sleeping With Aimee”.  The audience rolled on the first song, nice to see they were listening… then were totally captivated by the second.  One person told me it belongs on a CD…

Otherwise it was a bad day, but it got better the later it got.  I got so spend some time online and on the phone with my sweet Aimee, and we slept together again (until her phone clicked off at 4:20 am).  I got to talk to my “twin sis” Akasha (Terrie Lively).  And I won’t say what I was doing on my webcam .

I just got a second letter from my penpal in San Diego.  This is especially encouraging, as I didn’t answer the first one.  It’s the only letter on my desk I haven’t gotten to yet.  I have two penpals, the other is (I think) in New York.


I guess that’s enough blather for one session.


I’m on the phone with my baby right now!!!!!  Oh, Aimee, I’ve missed you sooooooooo much!  This has been a long weekend without you. 

I’m doing laundry right now.  What fun.


I ran into Glitter and two of her kids at Walmart Friday night.  Didn’t say much, but the kids didn’t seem too happy to see me… wonder what was in their heads?  Anyhow, I just walked on.  Not going there ever again…

Aimee has not been available this weekend, like most weekends… snif… miss my honey…

I have a meeting of AHN tomorrow.  Actually, we’ve researched what we’re doing and who else is doing it around the country… and were astonished to find that NOBODY was doing any of it.  So we’re getting grandiose, have renamed the organization the National Homeless Network, are beginning to network with other people around the country… the local organization will be known as National Homeless Network In Asheville, and we can certify other local chapters.  We’re also going to start the paperwork to get our own 501(c)(3) stuff, instead of try to get umbrellad by somebody else.

Guess that’s about it for now.