Well, I found the music for that lyric… the melody line sux, but maybe I can make another one… but I found the rhythm that fits it anyhow.

Beth says she has some music for it.  Hope hers is better than mine.


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  1. Irishlass

    It’s going to turn out wonderful any way you do it!!! 

  2. Anonymous

    Moss, those are beautiful lyrics — they sound very pure.SO many people try too hard to sound profound, and it sounds like your lyrics come from personal experience, with a true message.

  3. Anonymous

    Love writes its story like an epitaphAs the world comes crashing down on youfor having a true heartand believing in something more beatifulthan the misery that used to curse youYour heart told you to look for moreand you didyou found love, and it swept you off your feet…It took you to a place you never thought you’d live to seeA Place that you finally escaped the pain…It held your hand as it changed everythingyour heartyour dreamsyour lifeforever…It took you somewhere you feared but dreamed of…So why God must I feel this pain anymoreas the sound of her voice doesn’t soothe my mind, like it once did…The touched of her skin doesn’t grace me anymoreAnd the desire for her burns stronger than everas tears roll down my faceas our song blasts into my soulas her face leaves an imprint on my heartI see that life hasn’t begun, and won’t beginuntil I am with her againwithin her arms…Feeling her graceFeeling her heartHearing her voiceand being one together, again…Until that day, I will rememberlife is yet to comeAnd time can take its placeBecause eternity awaits at the end of this long halland my eyes are blind because of its embraceand my heart trembles with the love within hers…and my soul flies at the thought of her smileas I open everything to herall over again…I never want to leave your armsYou stir up every dreamthat flows in the sea of my spiritas your love lights the pathto show your faceat the end of the tragedyTo remind methat happiness is waitingTo ask meIf I am willing to take that pathto finally get to the endWith a bleeding heart I take this roadand all the tears that it encompassesBecause I knowthat the light of your lovewill lead me the right wayto being in your arms once againand from then, forever…I love you more than you could know,and my face swells from the tears I cry over youI live because I know that I will once again feel your embraceand that your love holds onto me with a strength God does not even knowthat you protect meYou wrap your love around my soulyou kiss my crying eyes to sleepyou sing a sweet lullaby to blow away the painDreams…

  4. Anonymous

    Well, the music is working better and better, got something interesting in the melody line now and still staying with the “original” style… kinda country/rockabilly… a little Garth, a little KennyHugs,Z


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