It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Aimee has spent hardly any time with me lately.  I don’t think it’s her fault.  But we seem to be getting more fatalistic about whether we will ever be together.

My meeting went well tonight.  I was also supposed to go look at apartments today, but Guy called me and said he had called the office and they were closed.  I guess we’ll do that next week.  That will give me more time to fill out their Neverending Application Form.

Hope everyone is well and happy.  Wish I was.


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  1. Irishlass

    Keep hanging in there!!  Hugs!!

  2. Anonymous


  3. TheSinger

    Hey, I found you in the Bipolar Blog. One thing you wrote I really relate to. You say you say things that are not right, I am guilty of the same, You will be talking with someone about something and suddenly an unrelated thought comes to mind and you have to say it, and people look at you like you are crazy. I but in all the time, because when I do think of something related the person talking doesn’t shut up for so long that by the time they shut up the whole topic has changed. I but in, I say odd things, you sound like someone who understands, thankyou.


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