OK, everything got really bad, and now it’s really great again.  Aimee and I went into Circle for healing and bound ourselves to each other.  I believe we are closer now than ever… despite the fact that someone who said she was a friend tried to separate us and did so in the worst way possible.  That’s over, that person is no longer a friend… and the other person she hurt by doing what she did is a friend still.  You can’t break us up, we’re the healers. 


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  1. Irishlass

    Awww, sweets, I wish I was closer too!!  I’m glad you consider me a close friend as I do you as well!!  Big hug!!!
    I’m so glad you and Aimee are doing well!!  I tell ya, ya can’t destroy what’s meant to be!  Hehehehe, just ask Noah, I spent a month trying to get rid of him!  lol


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