I have *A* computer working now… but it’s not finding the cable modem on the network yet.  I think John should be able to get it working tonight or tomorrow.  Also need to install the sound card software, but can probably find newer drivers than John has on the Internet when I get there.

I haven’t heard from very many people lately, and with no Internet, that really leaves me feeling quite lonely.  I did talk to my twin sis Akasha last night for about an hour, and an ex-gf who still loves me (most of my exes do, eventually… wonder why I can’t find one that wants to KEEP me?).  Please call if you have my number.  Of course that means everyone will call at the same time .

I learned from my temporary roommate that my landlord thinks I don’t work.  I wrote him a brief letter telling him everything that I do, that I could remember at the time.  I hope he has more respect for me in the future.  I’m looking for a new place, I’ve been here for 6 years now and the landlord is VERY restrictive, even though he cuts me a few breaks (and always lets me know he is unhappy about that).

Aimee, honey, the library computers won’t load your Flooble, so I can’t leave a message often.  You know I still love you and would love to have you back.  I’ll just leave my comment here and hope you see it… and feel my love for you.


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