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Take the quiz: “What Celtic Diety are you?”

{tal-i-ess-in} (Welsh) Radiant Brow, Prince of Song; Chief of the Bards of the West; a poet. Patron of Druids, Bards, and minstrels; a shape-shifter. Writing, poetry; wisdom; wizards; Bards; music; knowledge; magic. A semi-mythical figure whose life has become deeply intertwined with the Divinities of the Celts. A book of his work exists, set down in the 13th century; several of the works within it are regarded as genuine. He figures in many tales, but chief among them is the story that he began as the boy Gwion, was asked by the Cauldron-Crone Cerridwen to watch the vessel in which she brewed a Knowledge potion, inadvertently tasted it himself, was pursued by her in a chase involving many shapeshifts, and was at length swallowed by Her, to be reborn nine months later as the Divine bard Taliesin.

Take the quiz: “What Kind of Pervert are You?”

The Unknown Pervert
The Unknown Pervert: You are The Unknown Pervert, you are bound to hide your past and intentions, as the partner may find you very mysterious in so many ways. The ability to make yourself invisible to those around you, but not literally. You are similar to that of The Depressed Pervert, you may tend to give up before it’s too soon and you being alone drives the person to wanting to understand you more, although you feel that they shouldn’t or probably wouldn’t. Your intentions are only mysterious, they have no idea what you are really like, being The Unknown Pervert you might question yourself on why you participate in such intimate acts.

Take the quiz: “What Kind of Love Are You?”

Wishful Love
youre not in love right now but u like to think about it. since you are Wishful Love you think about your soul mate a lot but they tend to have a blank face in your mind. you just wish that special someone would hurry up and be with you already. you are quite the romantic. be patient. youll find them someday. in the meantime try not to live life as a fantasy.

Take the quiz: “What kind of gem are you?”


Take the quiz: “Would i screw youu?(guys only)”

FUCK YEAH!! DUDE! your soooo hot!
Man your sooo hot, Dude i think ive fallen in love with your awsome personallity, and KILLER body!


Take the quiz: “Which God or Goddess are you?”

God of Emotions
Bipolar. You are the master of mood swings. You have trouble making up your mind though you are often mistaken for a normal teenager. Most of the time you are of good nature, but when that nasty mood hits, you’ll take it out on the nearest person. You are the one who created emotions and you got more than anyone else.

Take the quiz: “How Good Are Your Orgasms?”

DAYYYYM. you screamed so loud my ears hurt
u have tasty mind “blowing” orgasms. ha ha.. heh.

I couldn’t take the Bi quiz, girls only… I would have turned up Lesbian :))

Take the quiz: “What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?”

You have an open heart and open mind and you chose not to let anyone get to you and the way you want to live.

Take the quiz: “What Kinda Kiss R U?”

Tender Kiss
The tender kiss is the feeling where you can be anywhere and show your feelings.

Take the quiz: “What Angel Are You?”

Earth Angel
You are an earth angel.You are very playful, and somtimes slow to respond to things, but always have natures best intrests at heart.You like light, and earthy colours and are great fun.You are slow to anger, and althouigh your anger can be intenst, it is never loud like a fires.

That last one was a bit lame, only two questions… And I only got one the same as Aimee, but that’s not bad, is it?


You don’t need to know.  You don’t want to know.  I’ve lost everything and can’t even quit the game.


OK, the melody line works now, I’ve come up with some good ideas for it.

I can’t tell you how loved and cherished it makes me feel to hear Aimee go to sleep with me on the phone.  Just listening to her breathe tells me how safe she feels with me.  I wish my arms were around her.  I know she wasn’t sleeping well until she started spending the night with me on the phone.  It was such a special feeling that I wrote one of my best songs ever about it (see previous posts, “Sleeping With Aimee”). 

I need to be with her, even if I have to move to Arkansas to do it; that will be hard, since I have so many friends and activities and responsibilities here… but I’ve always said it would take an Act of Goddess to get me to leave Asheville, and if Aimee can’t come here, I don’t see that I have any other choice.  I’m trying to talk myself into buying a bus ticket to visit her soon, I don’t know how long I can live without her.

I need to mention something.  We had a very tearful discussion last night, mostly about how much we miss each other and how important we are to each other… and how much I need her here right now.  I was pushing the issue way too hard… and she was probably feeling almost attacked.  But in the middle of it, she stopped and reminded me that I hadn’t meditated yet, and needed to do that right away because my time-frame was expiring.  (Read my website for information on my meditation regime.)  It just hit me so hard, that while we were crying and feeling tugged both ways, she could find the love and concern in her heart to take care of me.  I only hope that some day I can learn how to do that.  It just made me love her so much more than ever.


Well, I found the music for that lyric… the melody line sux, but maybe I can make another one… but I found the rhythm that fits it anyhow.

Beth says she has some music for it.  Hope hers is better than mine.


I found out today that the drivers Aimee really needs, the motherboard INF files and the Ethernet driver, will both fit on a floppy… the other two she needs she can download herself after she gets the INF and Ethernet working…  hope she can get this done.

Spent some nice time online with a new friend.

Wrote another song tonight.  Well, I wrote the lyrics to a song, the music is being harder.  Yes, it’s another sappy love song, and you know who I wrote it for.

House Rules
Moss Bliss


I’d have made a lousy gambler
I never play my cards right
Try to play a losing hand and fold what I can win
It’s love that I am losing,
And love that I am keeping
But I always get up and play the game again

I guess I’m just a lover
And sometimes I’m just a loser
Doesn’t matter what the game, poker, gin or darts
But I just keep on singing
And I just keep on playing
And this time I think I drew the Queen of Hearts

Oh, the deck is worn and battered
And the draw don’t look so hot
And my heart is old and tattered
But I play with what I’ve got
And the lady seems to love me
Even though I’m not that smart
And this time I think I drew the Queen of Hearts

She is just what I had wanted
To give me a full house
And some kids that ought to fill it all the way
So I think I’ll throw my chips in
And play this hand for keepers
And the love she has to give me will brighten up my day



© 2004 by Moss Bliss. Written 8/2/04 for my Aimee’s birthday tomorrow. This wasn’t the song I set out to write, but who knows…

So whaddya think?  Might get some work…