We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving together.  We had contacted some
friends and invited them to share with us, but couldn’t find anyone

Kayla made some batterless fried chicken and some deviled eggs.  I
made Moss’ Famous Casserole — I won’t tell you what’s in it, because
when people try it they like it but if they hear what it is they don’t
try it.  Later on, my neighbor John came back from his
Thanksgiving dinner with his mother and brought us some turkey and
gravy leftovers.  (He brought a couple other things too, but with
my sugar allergy and Kayla’s diabetes, we had to thankfully refuse to
accept them.)

Right now, Kayla is out walking around town with our friend
Morganite.  I would have gone with them but had too many things to
catch up on here, mostly stuff for my new student and for the Recovery,
Inc. group.

Sorry I haven’t said much lately, but as has been said, “A happy people does not make history.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi there.  How was your’ wedding?  I got a really cool thing in the mail last wek I had planned to share with you whenever I got back over here to my blog and now I can’t find it.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  I’ll keep looking for it…


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